[110805/SCAN+TRANS] Chinese EPOP Magazine Issue 322 | 3P

11 Sep






Translation for page 4:-

(From Left to Right)
Ryeowook 21 June 1987
Sungmin 1 January 1986
Donghae 15 October 1986
Eunhyuk 4 April 1986
Siwon 7 April 1986
Yesung 24 August 1984
Leeteuk 1 July 1983
Shindong 28 September 1985
Kyuhyun 3 Febuary 1988
Heechul 10 July 1983

“They are Mr. Simple.”

“Each member’s perfect transformation.”

“Super Junior finally meet everyone with their fifth album <Mr. Simple>. Are you excited? Are you surprised by seeing their new looks. Before promoting the album, Super Junior members have been diligently practising their dance and vocals. So let’s see the full recording of them recording their album.”

Super Junior who is practicing hard.
“Whose legs are these? Of course they are Super Junior’s ~ who are practicing hard at dancing~”

“Whose hand is this? Of course it is our Sungmin’s~”

“The fifth album wil be a bit hit! (Designed dialogue)”

“To prevent the members from taking the wrong cups, their names are written on the bottom of each cup.”

“In the midst of practicing…”

Super Junior’s Situation

“Yesung: Recently the coffee house just opened… though it is very happy…… but it is also very toilful on my brother…. when sleeping just sleep comfortably…… dongsaeng ah hwaiting!”

“Yesung: kekekekekekekeke…Yesung…Eunhyuk… ”

“Heechul: On the way to having fun with Mawon… The sleeping Siwon and Donghae are composed?! Sleep SiDong~”

“Ryeowook: Mr. Simple”

“Leeteuk: Give you the stars in the sky…^^ ”


Translation for page 14 (Sorry, we only translate the part related to Hangeng): – 

Hangeng to film a movie acting as a historical figure.
Hangeng wishes to use this movie to let young people to be more concerned about history.
Big production <Founding Father Sun Yet-sen> has begun filming already. Hangeng continues from the movie <The founding of a Party> as Deng Xiao Ping, in <Founding Father Sun Yat-sen> he acts as Sun Yat-sen’s secretary hu han min. Rumored that when Hangeng first saw the script for <Founding Father Sun Yet-sen>, he wanted to act in the movie already. Hangeng also disclosed that after acting in <Founding Father Sun Yet-sen> he believes that it is very meaningful to use the influence as a young acter to bring more young people to be intrested in history based movies. After releasing his new album, <Geng Xin> last year July, Hangeng has been focusing on acting in movies. Subsequently, he expressed that he would focus on both music and acting, he further disclosed that he might even act in dramas in the near future. On top of that, he can win a Newcomer Award in performing, but he added in that “This is only a wish, I am not sure that it be fufilled.”

Scanned and Shared : Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com
Translated by: Ger @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

(Sorry for any grammatical error)

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