[2012/POLL] Ryeowook’s 26th Birthday Trending Project

16 Jun

What to trend on Ryeowook’s birthday on 21st of June?  We will trend..

  • “KIM RYEOWOOK” on 20.06.12, 11pm KST – 21.06.12, 11pm KST (we will try to trend it for the whole day)
  • The trending topic with the most votes on 20.06.11, 11pm KST (so it will be on trending list by 12am)
  • The trending topic with the 2nd most votes on 21.06.11, 4pm KST
VOTE for your favourite trending topics! You can vote for 2 trending topics! Vote again in every 3 hours =)
    • #MoveLikeRyeowook  (suggested by @iSuperJuniorART)
    • #JaggerWOOKday  (suggested by @iRyeowookELF)
    • #ImmortalWOOKday (suggested by @spoiltbread)
    • #RyeowookistheBestGift (suggested by @26_arn)
    • #Ryeowook26thBday (suggested by few ELFs)

Closing date : 19.06.2012
.:Let’s be ONE and bring it to the top of top trending list ^-^:.
.:Please vote and spread, Thanks ^-^:.



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