[130221/TRANS] Ryeowook’s twitter update | 2 TWT

21 Feb

@ryeong 대만가려고 준비중 ^^ 오늘 슈퍼주니어M 팬미팅에서 만나요!!!! Taiwan de gemimen~~jintian zai gemihui jian^^ wo yao kuai qu taibei ~ ai nimen ♥ 

[TRANS] I’m ready go to Taiwan^^ I’ll see you in today’s Super Junior M fanmeeting!!!! Taiwan fans~~ I’ll meet you today^^ I wanna go to Taipei quickly~ love you guys ♥



@ryeong9: 형님 생일 축하드려요 ~~^^ 젤 행복한 하루 되길~캬캬~@ilsang: 아내가 차려준 생일상.오늘은 제 생일입니다~^__^

[TRANS] Hyungnim(,) happy belated birthday ~~^^ I hope that you will have a happiest day~kyakya~@ilsang My wife’s present for my birthday. Today is my birthday~^__^

Translated by: mi870621 + _wookiraffe @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

Please take out with FULL CREDIT. Thanks.

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