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[120621] Ryeowook’s 26th Birthday Fanarts, Pictures & Messages by Ryesomnia @ryeong9

23 Jun

Birthday messages from Ryeosomnia


Saengilchukahaeyo Ryeowook oppa~~!! you’re growing old but its okay xD you’re always the cutest and youngest in our hearts! I hope you will always be healthy and happy !! and also stay always strong and always be yourself!! No matther what happen, we’ll always stand by your side and support you!! We hope to see a big smile on your face everyday!  ^^ ! Please eat more and take care of yourself, oppa! dont fall sick! WE LOVE YOU~~~!!
LOTS of LOVE from iRyeowookELF 😀



HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYEOWOOK ! 생일축하합니다 김려욱 ! 金厲旭 生日快樂 !Must stay happy always & take care of yourself ! No matter what , ELF & Ryeosomnia will support you all the way !!!!!!!!! Hwaiting for immortal song 2 & 6Jib !!!!!!!! 사랑해 김려욱!!!!!


Oppa, Saengil chuka hamnida!!! Stay healthy…happy always =D
saengil chukkae oppa ryeowook….!!! 😀

hey oppa ryeowook!!! U’r turning 26. Saengil chukka hamnida!!! n_n. Do the best, u can be the best!!! *make a wish for you*
HBD uri Wookie ! Wishing you the best on ur bday.May everyday and year be filled with love,health,happiness,and friendship. Keep Lighting the world!U’re ETERNALLY MAGNAE! Saranghae :*

Happy ━(★´・x・ノノ clap clap ┌iii┐ ε-(・ε・´) Birthday♪ @ryeong  #HappyRyeowook26thBDay


 saengil chukka hamnida oppa god bless you always succes and hope better for you, i’m ,from elf indonesia
26th already :’) stay healthy and take care of yourself kay 😉 사랑으로, ELF Indonesia
hey oppa ryeowook!!! U’r turning 26. Saengil chukka hamnida!!! n_n. Do the best, u can be the best!!! *make a wish for you*
려욱 오빠께: 생일 축하한다 우리 애기, 김령구~~!! 항상 좋은일만 가득하시길 빌게요! 항상 건강하고 행복하세요 ◕‿◕。 오빠 최고다!!! 사랑해요 내 햇살
happy birthday KIM RYEOWOOK oppa.. I hope you always healthy n happy everywhere you are.. your smile n laugh is our happiness
May God bless he always, always healthy, and always be the best!

7yrs apart language barriers,i know u; u dont know me,u’re a star,i’m a fan. I STILL BELIEVE IN US
get a better life, better path, better future. Be blessed and pleased always.. Be our ryeong always~~<3
yao zhu zhong shen ti but yao lei huai zi ji yong yuan ai ni ❤

Ryeowook oppa please be healthy even you’re so busy w/ ur schedule and preparing ur comeback w/ SJ

i am GREAT fan of yours i really want to see you !! you do have a golden heart thats why i become your fan !! saranghae oppa



saengil chukkae hamnida for @ryeong9. I hope you be the best and love Ryeosomnia and ELF ^^



I wish you is the best of super junior,…^^happy birthday coming sun
eemmm…. by the way i need you visit in indonesia again please,,…
because i am very miss you and your friends please come too indonesia please
and i wish tomorrow is happy day for you i want to say i like you,,,,:)
>_< ^_^



Ryeowook oppa! Happy birthday to you! 🙂 wish that all your dreams will be come true, always healty, look more handsome and cute, your days always filled by happiness and God bless you,oppa ^^

oppa, i can’t give you a giraffe like Thailand ELF 😦 i just can give you all my heart! oppa, it’s that okay??? 🙂 hehehheheh.. AKU CINTA KAMU KIM RYEOWOOK OPPA ❤
Love From Indonesian ELF ❤



Ryeowook Oppa^^ ah, this is your 26th birthday, rite? You’re going older, hahaha. Happy birthday! I’m wishing you all the best. But I want you to eat more. I don’t want to see you get thinner. You’re very thin right now. And stay healthy! These day your job is getting more and more. I don’t want to see you sick. You know that Ryeosomnias always love and support you ❤

사랑해요, 김려욱. 영원히!! ❤
Saya mencintai kamu, Kim Ryeowook!! ❤

Much love from Indonesian ELF 🙂



simple wish from me, always be yourself cos we love you just the way you are and keep healthy . #Ryeowook26thBday #Happy26thRyeowookBday



The one who always sings by his heart with his angelic voice,the one who will always bring joy and happiness to us생일 축하해요 김려윽♥


Pictures and fanart from Ryeosomnia



















Credit: the owner
Shared by: Munny @

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[110623/FANART] Sexy, Free & Single – Ryeowook

23 Jun

Credit: MyCherishe
Shared by: Munny @

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[110410/SCAN+TRANS] Malay EPOP Magazine April Issue 19 | 7P

10 Apr

Translation for page 6: –

Date: 19/03/2011 (Saturday)
Time: 1810pm
Venue: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalol
Activity: Super Show 3 Super Junior The 3rd Asia Tour
Journalist: Jess, YuRong
Photographer: Xuan, Engko

Translated by: Munny @

Translation for page 7: –

During the 3 hours concert, Super Junior had sing 34 songs for their fans. The stadium was filled with clamorous applause by thousands of ELF who stunned by the awesome performances by Super Junior.

In the Sapphire Blue outfit, the concert started with their popular song ‘’Sorry, sorry’’ in the remix version, followed up with lively song, ‘’Super Girl’’ in Korean remix. During ‘’Don’t Don’’, Zhou Mi, Henry, Hee Chul and Jung Mo of TRAX were soaring in the air and had showed up on the stage with the cable on their body. Later on, Zhou Mi sang ‘’Don’t Don’’ along with Hee Chul who played drum, Jung Mo playing guitar and not to forget Henry with his violin. ELF were stunned once again by their cool and awesome performance. Lee Teuk and Sung Min also floating in the air and scattering blue ribbon over ELF at the Rock Pitt during ‘’No Other’’. ELF are so happy with their creative performance.

A VCR showing Super Junior members talking about Super Show 3 in different languages had been showed on the screen. All Super Junior members come forward on the stage with different outfits such as Siwon in metador outfit, Kyu Hyun as Pharaoh, Yesung as Red Indian, Ryeo Wook as an Indian who play flute to attract snake, Dong Hae as a soldier and Shindong wore Cheongsam. Their hilarious act had caused laughter and applause among ELF. During self introduction, Super Junior greet ELF with Malay language, ‘’Apa Khabar’’( how are you). They also shows their love towards Elf by saying ‘’ I love you’’.

During ‘’Confession’’ and ‘’ Good Person’’, Super Junior once again keep running towards Elf to approach and greet them. Some ELF got chance to shake hand with Siwon and some of them also got toys from Eun Hyuk. Meanwhile, Dong Hae who like childish had self-cam with ELF by their own camera. Naughty Sung Min laid down on Eun Hyuk, Ryeo Wook and Lee Teuk on the stage during ‘’Rokkugo’’ song. Then, Shin Dong suddenly came towards them and also laid down on 4 of them had caused laughter among ELF.

During solo performances, Super Junior showed their talents by singing English and Mandarin songs. First, Ryeo Wook who sang ‘’One Fine Spring Day’’, a Mandarin ballad along with Sung Min who played guitar for Ryeo Wook solo. ELF were stunned by their great performance. Kyu Hyun also sang a classic Mandarin song ‘’New Endlless Love’’ for ELF. ELF once again were stunned by Kyu Hyun’s energatic vocal along with romantically music.

Translated by: Amyzah @

Translation for page 8: –

Dong Hae and Eun Hyuk performed close dance with girl dancers during ‘’I Wanna Love You’’. Their sexy and hot dance make ELF keep screaming repeatedly during the song. Leader Lee Teuk also showed his talent on playing piano while singing a Mandarin romantic song, ‘’Kiss Me Goodbye’’. He also made a flying kiss for ELF after finished the song. For solo, Siwon sang an English song, ‘’Looking For The Day’’ for ELF. The show is getting interesting and jollier as Henry sang Justin Bieber’s popular song, ‘’Baby’’ and Eun Hyuk sang ‘’Down’’, popular song by Jay Sean.

Super Junior had showed their closed relationship during the 3 hours concert. Naughty Eun Hyuk had kissed Dong Hae’s hand while singing ‘’Dok Dok Dok’’. Hee Chul also hit Lee Teuk’s butt during ‘’You and I’’. Their happy face had bring happiness for ELF.

Super Junior-M who looks smart in black outfit had sing ‘’Perfection’’ from their new Mandarin album. Even ELF were frustration because Hee Chul didn’t disguise as ‘’Lady Hee Hee’’, his hilarious,gleeful and witty also bring laughter and happiness for ELF. Yet, ELF were feels sad during a VCR for Kang In with members showed on the screen. Kang In was playing violin with other members on the stage. At the finale, Kang in took off his hat and give a flying kiss for ELF. Everyone feels very sad at this moment.

Then Super Junior and ELF had sing birthday song for Eun Hyuk. Eun Hyuk who feels so thankful had thanks ELF in Korean, Mandarin and English. The concert comes to its climax when Super Junior showed up on the stage with vegetables costume for ‘’Cooking Cooking’’. Capsicum Kyu Hyun had showed off his ‘evil side’ by pushing off Eun Hyuk at the corner of the stage. During ‘’A Way For Love’’, Super Junior Members were busy running towards ELF and throwing colourful plastic balls for ELF. ELF at the Rock Pitt were scrambling to get the balss by their favourite idols.

At the end of the concert, leader Lee Teuk shows his love towards ELF by saying ‘’Thank you, I love Malaysia’’, ‘’thank you to you guys for being here with us’’. Beside, Siwon also asked Malaysian ELF to pray and give support to Japan who struggling after been effected by earthquake and tsunami before the concert. After that Hee Chul showed up on the stage before the concert end and scream, ‘’ See you in Super Show 4 Malaysia’’. The Super Show 3 concert end perfectly with happiness and blissful.

Translated by: Amyzah @

Translation for page 15: –

Super Junior has become ambassador of Korean food in China. When they see  so many delicious food, Super Junior cant stop themselves from eating it. See, how much they enjoy the korean food!

1. Leader Leeteuk recommends Korean rice cakes!

2. Leeteuk: Not spicy enough..
Shindong: agree agree

3.Kyuhyun: Let me feed you.
Ryeowook: Haha, no thanks…I’ll eat myself

4.Who should I feed first?

5.Shindong is so caring while feed the MC.

6.Korean food is delicious!

7.Wow, how blissful!

Translated by: Munny @

Translation for page 15: –

‘ Super Junior-M had make a comeback with the album ‘ Perfection ‘. With the participation of the new two members, Eunhyuk and Sungmin, Super Junior M seems too perfect now! For this comeback, what is the concept of the album that Super Junior-M wants to show? Want to know all about the album ‘ Perfection? ‘? Lets follow the interview with SJM!

EPOP : What is the concept of the album ‘ Perfection ‘?
Zhoumi: Similar to the albums before, this album shows dance music.The difference for this new album is we used heavy sound of bass guitar, for example, electronic music. Lets put it this way, our new album shows electronic dance music. I feel very happy for our album this time because we got the chance to collaborate with the famous musicians such as Jay Chou and Vincent Fang.
SJM : Woww ~ * clap hands

EPOP : What is the clothing concepts for your new album?
Zhoumi : We appeared with the concept of furry hats, haha! Our appearances are similar to the drama ‘ Flying Fox of Snowy Mountains ‘!
Kyuhyun : Haha..
Zhoumi : Haha, we looked cool and mysterious, like the owner of a castle, by wearing these furry hats during our photoshoots.

EPOP : What is the dance concept for the album ‘ Perfection ‘?
Siwon : Our dance concept this time is a bit different. Since me and Sungmin join SJM, dancing in a group is our priority. We had produce an outcome which is far from our expectation.
Sungmin : We are very suit with each other from the aspect of singing and dancing!

EPOP : Apart from Leehom Wang, any other musicians that you guys would like to collaborate with?
Siwon : We would love to collaborate with many other musicians, but we are putting high hopes on collaborating with Andy Lau!

EPOP : Who has the most beautiful thigh among the members?
Eunhyuk : Haha, my thigh is prettier than girls’ thighs.
Sungmin : True! Eunhyuk’s thigh is very sexy!
Siwon : But if they are compared to normal ladies, his legs would have more hairs only!

EPOP : How do rest of the members treat the new members, Eunhyuk and Sungmin?
Eunhyuk : The rest of the members treat me very well except for Henry! Although Henry is the magnae, but he often orders us to do things for him. Henry also drops the honorifics while talking to us. He wants us to treat him like he’s the king! Haha!
Henry : Haha, aniyo..

EPOP : How do you guys feel with the participation of Eunhyuk and Sungmin?
Kyuhyun : Eunhyuk hyung is an active and cheerful person. He is considered as the most important person in the group because he really knows how to break the atmosphere!
Siwon : Sungmin is like the prominent figure in the history of China, Liu Bei, because he is a kind-hearted and a sincere person.
Sungmin : Thank you for your compliment, I will continue to work harder!

EPOP : How do you two feel after joining SJM?
Sungmin : Before this, SJM always showed off how awesome are the foods in China and how happy and excited they were to do the promotions in China. That moment I was feeling very envious towards them. But now, after I got the chance to join SJM, i feel extremely lucky! Im so looking forward to the progressions of SJM in the upcoming! As a new member of SJM, I will work hard to learn from the other members.
Siwon : Now thats the Liu Bei Im referring to earlier!
Eunhyuk : Briefly, thank you! Haha. This is a great opportunity for me to challenge myself. I never experienced these kind of things before. With the participation of me and Sungmin, I hope that we can bring SJM to a higher level. I will continue to work hard!

Translated by: Mia @

Scanned + Shared by: Munny @
Translated by: Amyzah + Mia + Munny @

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[110323/FANART] Ryeowook @ Hongkong Asian Music Festival | 2P

30 Mar

Credit: mikitachi @
Shared by: Munny @

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[110214/FanArt] Super Junior M comeback fanart | 1P

14 Feb

Credit: As tagged
Shared by: Pia tan @

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[110115/Fanart] K.R.Y in SS3 Bangkok -FUNNY-

20 Jan

Credit: As tagged
Shared by: 旭奴BO°⑩_伦 @Baidu
Reuploaded by: Munny @

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[110117/Fanart] Super Junior Foresight – Ryeowook Fanart | 1P

17 Jan

Credit: ninprime
Shared by: 抹茶萌 @ Baidu
Reuploaded by: Munny @

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[110114] Orange K.R.Y? K.R.Y Caramel? Aiiinng~ | 1P

14 Jan

Credit: YesungCenter
Shared by: Munny @

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[110112/FanArt] Super Junior K.R.Y

12 Jan

Drawn by: Aimee @ MyKRY
Shared by: Munny @

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