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[131019/PIC] SM Town Concert in Beijing – Ryeowook Part 3 | 13P

21 Oct













Credit: Na Ryeowook
Shared by: iRyeowookELF @

[131019/PIC] SM Town Concert in Beijing – Ryeowook Part 2 | 12P

20 Oct

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Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

Credit: As tagged
Reuploaded by : __R0621 @ Twitter
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[131019/PIC] SM Town Concert in Beijing – Ryeowook Part 1 | 20P

20 Oct


Credit:as tagged
Via : 旭更爱你的话 @ Baidu
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[130215/PIC] Super Junior M Bangkok activities group photos | 6P

16 Feb

Credit: as tagged,SuperJuniorM_kr,suju0130
Shared by: 莎莎窝
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[120621] Ryeowook’s 26th Birthday Fanarts, Pictures & Messages by Ryesomnia @ryeong9

23 Jun

Birthday messages from Ryeosomnia


Saengilchukahaeyo Ryeowook oppa~~!! you’re growing old but its okay xD you’re always the cutest and youngest in our hearts! I hope you will always be healthy and happy !! and also stay always strong and always be yourself!! No matther what happen, we’ll always stand by your side and support you!! We hope to see a big smile on your face everyday!  ^^ ! Please eat more and take care of yourself, oppa! dont fall sick! WE LOVE YOU~~~!!
LOTS of LOVE from iRyeowookELF 😀



HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYEOWOOK ! 생일축하합니다 김려욱 ! 金厲旭 生日快樂 !Must stay happy always & take care of yourself ! No matter what , ELF & Ryeosomnia will support you all the way !!!!!!!!! Hwaiting for immortal song 2 & 6Jib !!!!!!!! 사랑해 김려욱!!!!!


Oppa, Saengil chuka hamnida!!! Stay healthy…happy always =D
saengil chukkae oppa ryeowook….!!! 😀

hey oppa ryeowook!!! U’r turning 26. Saengil chukka hamnida!!! n_n. Do the best, u can be the best!!! *make a wish for you*
HBD uri Wookie ! Wishing you the best on ur bday.May everyday and year be filled with love,health,happiness,and friendship. Keep Lighting the world!U’re ETERNALLY MAGNAE! Saranghae :*

Happy ━(★´・x・ノノ clap clap ┌iii┐ ε-(・ε・´) Birthday♪ @ryeong  #HappyRyeowook26thBDay


 saengil chukka hamnida oppa god bless you always succes and hope better for you, i’m ,from elf indonesia
26th already :’) stay healthy and take care of yourself kay 😉 사랑으로, ELF Indonesia
hey oppa ryeowook!!! U’r turning 26. Saengil chukka hamnida!!! n_n. Do the best, u can be the best!!! *make a wish for you*
려욱 오빠께: 생일 축하한다 우리 애기, 김령구~~!! 항상 좋은일만 가득하시길 빌게요! 항상 건강하고 행복하세요 ◕‿◕。 오빠 최고다!!! 사랑해요 내 햇살
happy birthday KIM RYEOWOOK oppa.. I hope you always healthy n happy everywhere you are.. your smile n laugh is our happiness
May God bless he always, always healthy, and always be the best!

7yrs apart language barriers,i know u; u dont know me,u’re a star,i’m a fan. I STILL BELIEVE IN US
get a better life, better path, better future. Be blessed and pleased always.. Be our ryeong always~~<3
yao zhu zhong shen ti but yao lei huai zi ji yong yuan ai ni ❤

Ryeowook oppa please be healthy even you’re so busy w/ ur schedule and preparing ur comeback w/ SJ

i am GREAT fan of yours i really want to see you !! you do have a golden heart thats why i become your fan !! saranghae oppa



saengil chukkae hamnida for @ryeong9. I hope you be the best and love Ryeosomnia and ELF ^^



I wish you is the best of super junior,…^^happy birthday coming sun
eemmm…. by the way i need you visit in indonesia again please,,…
because i am very miss you and your friends please come too indonesia please
and i wish tomorrow is happy day for you i want to say i like you,,,,:)
>_< ^_^



Ryeowook oppa! Happy birthday to you! 🙂 wish that all your dreams will be come true, always healty, look more handsome and cute, your days always filled by happiness and God bless you,oppa ^^

oppa, i can’t give you a giraffe like Thailand ELF 😦 i just can give you all my heart! oppa, it’s that okay??? 🙂 hehehheheh.. AKU CINTA KAMU KIM RYEOWOOK OPPA ❤
Love From Indonesian ELF ❤



Ryeowook Oppa^^ ah, this is your 26th birthday, rite? You’re going older, hahaha. Happy birthday! I’m wishing you all the best. But I want you to eat more. I don’t want to see you get thinner. You’re very thin right now. And stay healthy! These day your job is getting more and more. I don’t want to see you sick. You know that Ryeosomnias always love and support you ❤

사랑해요, 김려욱. 영원히!! ❤
Saya mencintai kamu, Kim Ryeowook!! ❤

Much love from Indonesian ELF 🙂



simple wish from me, always be yourself cos we love you just the way you are and keep healthy . #Ryeowook26thBday #Happy26thRyeowookBday



The one who always sings by his heart with his angelic voice,the one who will always bring joy and happiness to us생일 축하해요 김려윽♥


Pictures and fanart from Ryeosomnia



















Credit: the owner
Shared by: Munny @

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[120619/PIC] Ryeowook’s palm print | 2P

19 Jun

Credit: ninteen0819
Taken from :
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[GIF] Immortal song – Ryeowook | 18PIC

19 Jun

Note: – Click to open the gif


  1. pic 1 –
  2. pic 2,3,4,5,14 –
  3. pic 6,7 –
  4. pic 8,9,10,11,12,13 –
  5. pic 15,17,18 –
  6. pic 16 – 

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[Random/Picspam] Eunwook mini picspam for all Eunwook shippers! | 69P

17 Jun

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[120616PIC] Sukira Open Concert – Ryeowook

17 Jun

Credit: As tagged
Shared by: 莎莎窝 & 宝蓝Scythica@ Baidu
Reuploaded by: Munny @

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[110909/SCAN+TRANS] Malay EPOP Magazine September Issue 24 | 3P

8 Sep

01 copy
Translation for page 6:

“Lots of ELFs as well as Super Junior has been waiting for the fifth album! We want to communicate with our worldwide ELFs with our new music and performance!”. In this comeback album, Super Junior themselves has shown very own unique colour. ELFs, are you ready for Super Junior’s significant appearance? Let’s go!

1. Epop: How do you feel for this fifth album comeback?
Lee Teuk: Super Junior, the leader of global Korea Wave has finally makes comeback with the fifth album, after 1 year and 2 months. We feel stressed whilst preparing for the album but we believe that it will change into hope by love from ELFs. We will bring the best performance for our ELFs.
Sung Min: We know that we have fans from different countries. We feel really grateful for their support. There is lots of countries that we didn’t visit yet but we will try our best to visit those countries through this album.
Eun Hyuk: This comeback has limelight public. We feel so excited. I believe our group will attain high achievement.

2. Epop: Mr. Simple has hold good rating since released. Can you please introduce a bit about Mr. Simple?
Super Junior: Mr. Simple is a SJ funky song created for Super Junior. We have prepared a very strong and vigorous stage to make an unique music and choreography to attract fans. The lyrics literally expresses reality in our unpredictable and complicated live. Those who lost their love and hope, sometimes are narrow-minded. We supposed not to take serious in every situations. We should take it easy. Be moderate can be a best option for us to find our own characteristic just like the song, Mr. Simple.

3. Epop: Mr Simple sounds slightly like “Sorry, Sorry” and “Bonamana”. What do you think about this? 
Lee Teuk: Mr. Simple represents the strenght of Super Junior. Lots of people says it sounds just like “Sorry, Sorry” and “Bonamana” but we believe if you listen it slowly, you can hear the difference. We hope everyone feel pleasure whilst listening to this song.
Shin Dong: We had prepared different appearance after discussed among the members. All of us will appear with unique choreography.
Ye Sung: Our fifth album have 13 songs and I would like to suggest a ballad song, Memories because this song is produced by all members. This song is precious since our rappers, Eun Hyuk and Shin Dong had participated in this ballad song as well.
Ryeo Wook: Dong Hae had composed a song for this album. The lyrics and melody are so good.
Dong Hae: Yes, I’m the one who composed song “Y”. It’s a R&B song. The lyrics is about my love experience. I hope everyone can enjoy this song.
Hee Chul: This fifth album is so charismatic just like our appearance.
Kyu Hyun: We made MV in Korean and Japanese version. I appreciated everyone’s effort! Good work!

4. Epop: Are you going for military after finished the fifth album promotion?
Lee Teuk: Yes, I will sign in for military after we promoted this album as long as we could. I beleive that military is a must for Korean men so I will enlist at the mean time.

5. Epop: What is your comment regarding the issue about your teaser picture that is too sexy and exposed yourself?
Si Won: I will never wear something like that again! I am truly sorry to fans who dissapointed to see me in a much more good outfit. I never dressed such like that before. I will show a different persona for performance.

6. Epop: What is the most beautiful memories as Super Junior?
Lee Teuk: Before our debut. How wonderful in that time I determined to pursues my dreams for my future.
Eun Hyuk & Si Won: On that time, Kyu Hyun was not joining us yet. Does it mean you feel happy when Kyu Hyun is not with us? (Laughs)
Lee Teuk: I’m the most happy person when Kyu Hyun joining us and I am also the one who feels very happy when Kyu Hyun was discharged from the hospital.
Shin Dong: We like to bet. There was once Kyu Hyun had lost in rock-paper-scissors game. He had to pay for our dinner and he only can ate 2 piece of meat. When I see members look happy, I just can smile like a mum.
Sung Min: All of us have too many precious moments. I feel now is the most precious moment.

Translation for page 7:

7. Epop: What is your comment regarding sexy outfits in teaser picture?
Sung Min: I felt really shocked when I saw Lee Teuk looks good while wearing it. I worried if I need to wear that outfit since I am not looking great if I wear it.

8. Epop: How does it feel when you performed SM Town Live in Paris before comeback?
Lee Teuk: We gains popularity in Asia because of our activities, I feel like I attends our own party. But it felt different for the concert in Paris. Obviously we feel very motivated. I feel very proud since we has succeed spreading Hallyu culture at a country that has it’s own culture.

9. Epop: What have you prepare for the concert in France?
Lee Teuk: We always prepare something for fans when we go for concert at oversea. This time we had prepared some catchy phrase in French. I believe that our friendly character is the strenght to communicate with our fans.

10. Epop: Super Junior is not only famous in Asia but getting famous at Europe as well. 
Lee Teuk: We have different kind of members and a very broad fanbase. There’s someone who sing well,someone who look dashing, and someone who has great sense of humour. Our group has different kind of colours to show. Super Junior is not only an idol group, but we have a lot of cultures. We have synergy among us which mean, if there is someone who lack of something, there’s still someone else who is good of it.
Eun Hyuk: Our friendly character is the biggest strenght. Before this, idols are so mystery and can only be seen on stage. But nowadays, an idol must participate in any programme actively to become closer to their fans. This is why we frequently can be seen on TV shows.

11. Epop: Any message for ELFs?
Lee Teuk: We are so grateful towards our fans who have been waiting for our album. There is a saying, ‘A horse hired, never tired’. We will perform nonstop for 24 hours and 365 days a year. Kamsahamnida ELFs! We will give our best for this fifth album!


Scanned and Translated : AmyzahLee @
Shared by: Munny @
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