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[2011] Video for Ryeowook’s birthday ♥

19 May

We’re SORRY to inform you that we’ve canceled our video project for Ryeowook’s Birthday.Due to lack of time to promote, not many ELF join this project. But you can still submit your photo to us. We’ll post it in our wordpress. We’re really sorry and thank you for understanding.


Ryeosomnia, we’re collecting Ryeosomnia picstures to make a video for Ryeowook’s Birthday.Please send me a photo with any one of the following options

  1.  Photo of you holding any Ryeowook stuff like Ryeowook poster,picture,card,banner,towel etc…
  2. Photo of you holding an paper (preferably A4 paper) with words like “Ryeowook I Love You” “Happy Birthday” etc …
  3. Use any photo editer to insert a short message like “I Love ♥Ryeowook” “Happy Birthday Ryeowook” etc… on a photo of you
And please send it to or upload it at twitpic/yfrog and mention @iRyeowooKELF. Please send it by first week of June.

Posts related to Ryeowook birthday projects, please refer to,

.:Feel free to mention us if you have any question . Please join and spread this =) :.



















Super Junior 2000th day project! Help K-ELFs!

27 Apr

K-ELF are to going to make a video with ELF with SJ albums. They target to get 2000 photos. The deadline is April28 6PM KST. It gonna be SJ 2000th on Friday. So we have to help them collect that much.

How to help?
Take a picture of yourself with SJ album(s) or cheering message photo  (Example: ,  and send it to @sunmi91 via twitpic or yfrog.

:. Thanks iFollowSUJU for the tips .:

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♥ Ryeowook’s 25th Birthday

12 Apr

[INFO] Ryeowook’s Birthday Project for 2011

9 Apr

We would like to make a message book for our dearest Kim Ryeowook, for his birthday which falls on 21st June.
For Singaporean ELF who are interested in participating, please decorate a A4 size colored paper (please buy the ones at Popular, the hard one, the one which you’re able to weigh). We will be holding 1-2 day for collection.
[NOTE! : Please remember to leave a margin of at least 4cm on the left of the paper! If not your words will be cut off! For those who stay near Sengkang, you can contact admin YY at Twitter, @iYWOOKism .Offering to meet up anytime. For overseas ELF, I do hope you’re able to join us too. How?

  • Send your message to
  • Format : -To:
    Subject : Kim Ryeowook birthday sg project
    Full name:
    Contact number:
    Message: –
    [NOTE! : maximum 100 words, language – English, Korean,Chinese or Han Yu Pin Yin ]
  • Clossing Date: – overseas Ryeosomnia – 31st May
    .                            – Singaporean Ryeosomnia – 1st week of June

In additional to the message book, we will be buying things for him. Click HERE to find out what are we getting for him. Thus, we would hope you will be able to help donate. For SG-rean, donation can be made during collection of the messages/letters.
For overseas friends, please wait for further details.

The priority of the donations will be given to

1. Message book
2. Shipping fee

Hope you are able to participate! ^^

With love,
SuperWOOKIEfans admins

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[Malaysia ONLY] Purchase in advance for 2011 Photo book of Ryeowook’s birthday

6 Apr

《The R World》is the second photo book made in TR. This photo book is limited sale which is same as the last one,《Time Machine in June》

Photo book is the most important part for Ryeowook’s birthday in TR. Many TR’s members regarded that they didn’t buy《Time Machine in June》last year. So, this year, we will publish the second Photo book. Don’t miss again.

Our purpose is that the new version will be better that last version. And we won’t make your disappointed on the second photo book this year.

The differences between《The R world》and《Time Machine in June》are:

  1. The size of the photo book is changed to A4, which is larger than last year.
  2. The quantity of the page will be more than last year.
  3. There is not only Ryeowook’s attractive photo, but also some wonderful moments in this photo book.
  4. And the texture of the paper is changed to the Ink-Jet printing paper, which has better printing effect

It can be sure that everyone will like and not put it away

《R’s Trace》is a data book which records all the Ryeowook’s memo data from his debut to now.

This book includes forum memo, twitter,, ect. For the convenience of carrying, the size of the book will be smaller. At any time, you can find the data you want in this book^^.

The member who wants to have a better understanding of Ryeowook could not miss it.

【Title】《The R World》the second Ryeowook photo book
【Produced by】TR—Kim Ryeowook forum in China
【Size】210mm×280mm vertical/color
【Paper】Ink-Jet Printing Paper
【Page】140P (Provisional)
【Content】Ryeowook’s 95% unpublished photos shot by TR
【Free gift】name card 4pic/book
【Sale way】sale through by TR website
【Closing date】06-10-2010
【Delivering date】 End of June, 2010 (Provisional)
【Ancillary gift】 Exclusive photo 4pic/set
【Gift for purchase in advance】Screen wiper for Mobile phone+ LOMO cards+ ? (Undecided)

【Title】《R’s Trace》About Ryeowook’s story
【Produced by】TR—Kim Ryeowook forum in China
【Producer】TR Working Team
【Size】100mm×150mm vertical/monochrome
【Paper】Printing Paper
【Page】80-100P (Provisional)
【Content】The translation version of Ryeowook’s data including forum Memo, twitter, ect, from his debut to now
【Package price】 150 RMB/ set(RM110). No sale separately. Excluding the courier fee

《The R World》125 RMB/per
《R’s Trace》 25 RMB/per

Member who buy one set can get 20% off discount to buy the umbrella (40 RMB),and also can buy other TR’s goods (towel, recycling bag, umbrella, ect)

For more informations, you can

1. Check
2. Mention @ting65

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