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[110406/AUDIO] Super Junior – M UFO-RADIO (飛碟電台)

6 Apr

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[Note] iCassieFamily rules and regulations

24 Dec

Here is some simple yet IMPORTANT Rules & Regulations for @iCassieFamily’s admins, which is needed to be bear in mind.

  1. Attend the Fanbase account ON TIME. (No shift for news updater)
  2. Inform @iRyeowookELF/@HaanaSnow if you are not be able to online on time.
  3. You are required to infrom us earlier, before you are taking leave.
  4. Be friendly to followers.
  5. Inform @iRyeowookELF if you changed your twitter username.
  6. DO NOT change Fanbase account’s password.
  7. DO NOT change Fanbase account’s email.
  8. DO NOT spam DBSK’s unrelated stuffs/nonsense in Fanbase account.
  9. DO NOT change Fanbase account’s avatar
  10. Update DBSK’s STUFFS , instead of other artist.
  11. Communicate in ENGLISH most of the time.
  12. The fanbase are allowed to FOLLOW  DBSKARTISTS which got related to DBSK , FANBASES and iELFamily/iCassieFamily’s ADMINS ONLY.

[RECRUITMENT] iELFamily is looking for admins!

19 Sep

Application is open for :-

  • iKyuhyunELF
  • iHeechulELF
  • iDonghaeELF
  • iYesungieELF
  • iHenryELF
  • iSungminnieELF

We’re looking for ADMINS who are

  • Friendly
  • Able to do picspam and play games
  • Able to tweet facts
  • Able to update news/info
  • Able to follow iELFamily’s rules and regulations. (

For those who are interested (to be an admin), PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS and send to @iRyeowookELF (@ Twitter) or leave a comment here (Please include your twitter username) . Thanks

  1. Which account you wish to handle?
  2. Are you able to follow iELFamily R & R (refer to>
  3. Do you update for any other Twitter fanbase/blog/forum?
  4. Do you know how to do picspam,tweet facts and play games?

Note – Please find me in Facebook if I never reply you for more than 2 times. []

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