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[130221/TRANS] Ryeowook’s twitter update | 2 TWT

21 Feb

@ryeong 대만가려고 준비중 ^^ 오늘 슈퍼주니어M 팬미팅에서 만나요!!!! Taiwan de gemimen~~jintian zai gemihui jian^^ wo yao kuai qu taibei ~ ai nimen ♥ 

[TRANS] I’m ready go to Taiwan^^ I’ll see you in today’s Super Junior M fanmeeting!!!! Taiwan fans~~ I’ll meet you today^^ I wanna go to Taipei quickly~ love you guys ♥



@ryeong9: 형님 생일 축하드려요 ~~^^ 젤 행복한 하루 되길~캬캬~@ilsang: 아내가 차려준 생일상.오늘은 제 생일입니다~^__^

[TRANS] Hyungnim(,) happy belated birthday ~~^^ I hope that you will have a happiest day~kyakya~@ilsang My wife’s present for my birthday. Today is my birthday~^__^

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[130213/SCAN+TRANS] YG Magazine February Issue 412 | 3P

13 Feb


02 03

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[130208/SCAN+TRANS] Chinese EPOP Magazine Issue 399 | 5P

13 Feb














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[120618/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 1TWT

19 Jun

[TRANS] @ryeong9: Birthday is coming soon, I like this ‘real giraffe’ which Thai fans gave me the gift^^ Donate on behalf of Ryeowook’s name to dusit zoo. “Ryeowook giraffe” I will be going to the zoo for seeing it ^^ Thanks so much, kya kya ♥

곧 생일인데 제가 좋아하는 ‘진짜기린’을 태국 팬분들이 선물해주셨어요 ^^ dusit zoo 동물원에 기증하셨습니다 려욱이란 이름을 가진 그 ‘려욱기린’ 보러 그 동물원 한 번 가봐야겠어요 ^^ 고마워요 캬캬 ♥

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[110918/SCAN+TRANS] Chinese EPOP Magazine Issue 326 | 5P

18 Sep

Chinese EPOP [326] - Hangeng & Wuchun COVER

Chinese Epop [326] - PG 1

My Kingdom 
For Dream , For Love , For Betray
<My Kingdom> not only talk about Hangeng & Wuchun friendship , in fact there was a lot of martial arts involve between them in this movie ! In martial arts , they recruited the most familiar person in martial arts Sammo Hung to be the action director , perhaps every one will be excited with Sammo Hung at those action scenes ~ Sammo Hung said that when he saw the script , he did not hesitate to take over the task of action director. Why ? He said: “I have shoot many movie before , but excellent script of movie is really less then ten , but <My Kingdom> I think it is a good movie ~ there is still a second reason , the movie director Gao Xiaosong has a new idea , which make me had the martial arts inspiration. The movie director hope to shoot the beautiful martial arts , Therefore , the main highlight is cool handsome dazzle play , so we have to try to design new style of martial arts. This process is very challenging , and very interesting oh~”

<My Kingdom> Official Launched
The story talks about Qing, Meng family was convicted by the king for supporting the revolution , Whole family was being order to be killed. On the execution day, Young Meng Er Kui (Hangeng role) is lucky to be save by Young Guan Yi Long (Wu Chun role) and his master – <Da Wu Sheng> Xu Sheng Ying (Yuan Biao role). Survive Meng Er Kui when to become Xu Sheng Ying apprentice , Together with Guan Yi Long , they follow their master to learn Martial arts and Opera , Both of them becoming just like brother. Until one day , The king saw Xu Sheng Ying performance , grant him a Golden plaque, but a Shanghai master Yue Jiang Tian (Yu Rong Guang role) provoke and took away the Golden plaque. Since then Xu Sheng Ying was so depressed . So Guan Yi Long and Meng Er Kui this two brother promise to work hard on their martial arts and to revenge. Qin Dynasty, The establishment of the Republic. This two brother grown up , holding the idea of ​​revenge for their late master , they go to Shanghai bay to challenge the Yue Jiang Tian, End up Yue Jiang Tian was defeated, he feel ashame and committed suicide. Both of them got back the Golden plaque. Yue Jiang Tian female apprentice – Dang jia hua dan Xi Mu Lan (Xu Xi Yuan role) In order to keep Yue family troupe , Reluctantly agreed to perform a troupe together with the two brother. Then a complex relationship begin in the three of them , develop the scenes of Love , Desire , Fraud and Betray…

Haven start shoot already catch a lot of attention

The script writer for this movie is Qu Jing Zhi , The action director is Sammo Hung , Gao Xiao Song is the movie director ! This movie also have famous artist like Wu Zhun , Han Geng and Da S to act in , Such a strong team , make < My Kingdom> this movie haven start shoot already catch a lot of attention . Why have the idea to shoot this kind of movie ? Movie director Gao Xiao Song said that , Actually seven year ago , he already have this idea in shooting this kind of movie, but just that he do not have the chance to shoot it, but three years ago , Gao Xiao Song told this story plot to script writer Qu Jing Zhi and she got attracted by this story line after listening to it ~ Qu Jing Zhi rewriting the script and now then have this movie <My Kingdom> ! Qu Jing Zhi said : “I rewrote this script for alot of time , really spent time on it ~ But i really like this stroy very much , so i hope everyone will like it too.”
Magician also come to join…
The most famous magician~ Liu Qian also join this movie <My Kingdom> ! In the movie , he act as good nor bad guy , sometime very elegant , sometime very violent ! A completely unpredictable personality , Like his magician identity , Mysterious but full of color. This is the first time Liu Qian act as a bad guy , he act as a villain Police Chief , Althought not many scenes but the performance is very outstanding , It’s a role you will never forget. In people thinking , bad guy always have a kind of looks , look very fierce , speak very loud ! But the director want to change this kind of impression , he do not want to let let people know that this is a bad guy after looking at him , so he invited Liu Qian to act as this role , not only full of mystery , In this movie Liu Qian also look very stylish in this movie ~

Chinese Epop [326] - PG 2





Wu Chun having difficulty drinking water..
The story line of movie < My kingdom> is mainly on Beijing opera , so those artist had to put on opera make up ~ Wu Chun he had never tried Beijing opera before , so putting opera make up on his face is quite a hard job bucause beijing opera make up has a lot of detail to be made, so every time they need to spent one or two hour on those opera make up. Speaking of make-up , Wu Chun said that : Putting on make-up is okay , Cleansing make-up is the hard ones ~ Totally cannot move , and he need to use a straw when drinking water ~” In the movie , Wu Chun as to act as <Xi You Ji> Sun Wu Kong , Do not how do you feel about his role? Knowing that , Before shooting this movie , Wu Chun spent 2 month to learn about Beijing opera , until when the formal performance , completely ok. Even Sammo Hung praising him too. Totally don’t look like this is the first time he perform ~


Handsome HanGeng…
Same ar Wu Chun , Hangeng also spent 2 month to learn about Beijing opera, but seem like Beijing opera did not bother him. Maybe Hangeng know how to dance from young , So some backward somersault , side somersault is a piece of cake to hangeng ~ Hangeng said : ” Feel like he had gone back to his student time ~ Haha… Because he had been learning this kind of thing at that time, When i saw people are practicing martial arts , i feel the excitement because it use to learn those before when i am young~”


Dang Jia Hua dan Da S
Da S act as Meng Jiang Tian female apprentice, also Dang jia hua dan – Xi Mu Lan , After reciving this script , Da S expressed directly , Xi Mu Lan is Da S ~ The director also agree what Da S said , Director said : ” Yes ~ That time i also have the thought that Xi Mu Lan is Da S , No second choice~” Da S reveal , She was so touch and even cry when she saw the script on the plane , make those passengera and flight attendants use weird expression looking at her. This moment , She Said : She is touch not because of the story line but Xi Mu Lan dedication of love and the courage to pursue what she wants , So i think that Me & Xi Mu Lan personality and view are the same , to she decide to take this role.


Da S Professionalism …
Da S is the only female lead in this movie , Also she have to deal in between Wu Chun and Han Geng ~ Knowing that , In the movie , Da S and Han Geng had alot of close part scenes , But when during shooting this movie , Da S is during the period of newly-married , The crew want to take care of Da S , So the find a substitute to be Da S , but Da S rejected ~ There is a kissing scene when Da S had to kiss Han Geng , Just happen that when they shooting the kissing scene , Da S Husband also there , but no matter how the crew adjust the shooting camera, they will sure the movie blooper . But Da S said that she can do it personally and no need substitute. After shooting is done , Da S also will look at the scene again , Encountered some part if she is not satisfied with , she will shoot the scene all over again , very professionalism ~


Han Geng and Wu Chun…
Movie < My Kingdom> is Han Geng first movie , First time shooting and he is able to work with such awesome team of people , to Han Geng , He is counted lucky ~ “Actually really excited can work with Sammo Hung. I also learn a lot of things , Sammo Hung is a very serious person , He take very shoot very seriously . Definitely not careless , like i have a sence where i have to Hang wire , i can’t caught the focus of it . so i keep on NG , but Sammo Hung very patient , Keep saying it’s okay , then we start all over again ~ ” And also Han Geng and Wu Zhun become good friend after this movie ~ There will be sure some injury in fighting scene , they are no exception , Han Geng said : ” One time he hit Wu Chun lip until swollen ~ keke… but i am injure too . But this is a fighting scene , there is still some thing not under our control. ”


This is not the first time Wu Chun shoot a movie , and also not the first time shooting fighting scene ~ Will he feel that it is very hard to shoot a fighting scene ? Wu Chun said : ” Nope , I like to watch action movie since young, Lee Xiao Long is my favorite action star ~ I watch Lee Xiao Long movie since young and i will learn the action from the movie , Haha but normally playing only ~”


Release of online game…
Movie <My Kingdom> have release already had a lot of attention for the pubilc , The online games also had the same name as the movie , so you can play the online game too ~ Knowing that , the online game focus on Wu Chun and Han Geng too , they set those scene from the movie to change it to become the points in the game , let people had the atmosphere before watching the movie! Wu Chun and Han Geng also had tried the game before hands , Wu Chun said that normally he is so busy and he had no time to even play game , so when he know that <My kingdom> had their own online game , he feel excited ! He said : ” Recently i love playing this game , play until my hands are tired~” Han Geng is a game lover , regarding his first movie having online game , he express that he is in interested , not only can reduce those nervousness in his job also can remind him of the time when he is shooting the movie , Han Geng recommend this games to all of his fans oh ~

Chinese Epop [326] - PG 3

Chinese Epop [326] - PG 4 Freecard

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[110805/SCAN+TRANS] Chinese EPOP Magazine Issue 322 | 3P

11 Sep






Translation for page 4:-

(From Left to Right)
Ryeowook 21 June 1987
Sungmin 1 January 1986
Donghae 15 October 1986
Eunhyuk 4 April 1986
Siwon 7 April 1986
Yesung 24 August 1984
Leeteuk 1 July 1983
Shindong 28 September 1985
Kyuhyun 3 Febuary 1988
Heechul 10 July 1983

“They are Mr. Simple.”

“Each member’s perfect transformation.”

“Super Junior finally meet everyone with their fifth album <Mr. Simple>. Are you excited? Are you surprised by seeing their new looks. Before promoting the album, Super Junior members have been diligently practising their dance and vocals. So let’s see the full recording of them recording their album.”

Super Junior who is practicing hard.
“Whose legs are these? Of course they are Super Junior’s ~ who are practicing hard at dancing~”

“Whose hand is this? Of course it is our Sungmin’s~”

“The fifth album wil be a bit hit! (Designed dialogue)”

“To prevent the members from taking the wrong cups, their names are written on the bottom of each cup.”

“In the midst of practicing…”

Super Junior’s Situation

“Yesung: Recently the coffee house just opened… though it is very happy…… but it is also very toilful on my brother…. when sleeping just sleep comfortably…… dongsaeng ah hwaiting!”

“Yesung: kekekekekekekeke…Yesung…Eunhyuk… ”

“Heechul: On the way to having fun with Mawon… The sleeping Siwon and Donghae are composed?! Sleep SiDong~”

“Ryeowook: Mr. Simple”

“Leeteuk: Give you the stars in the sky…^^ ”


Translation for page 14 (Sorry, we only translate the part related to Hangeng): – 

Hangeng to film a movie acting as a historical figure.
Hangeng wishes to use this movie to let young people to be more concerned about history.
Big production <Founding Father Sun Yet-sen> has begun filming already. Hangeng continues from the movie <The founding of a Party> as Deng Xiao Ping, in <Founding Father Sun Yat-sen> he acts as Sun Yat-sen’s secretary hu han min. Rumored that when Hangeng first saw the script for <Founding Father Sun Yet-sen>, he wanted to act in the movie already. Hangeng also disclosed that after acting in <Founding Father Sun Yet-sen> he believes that it is very meaningful to use the influence as a young acter to bring more young people to be intrested in history based movies. After releasing his new album, <Geng Xin> last year July, Hangeng has been focusing on acting in movies. Subsequently, he expressed that he would focus on both music and acting, he further disclosed that he might even act in dramas in the near future. On top of that, he can win a Newcomer Award in performing, but he added in that “This is only a wish, I am not sure that it be fufilled.”

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[110903/PIC+TRANS] Yeah Magazine Issue 480 | 3P

10 Sep

Note- Sorry for the low quality pictures. My scanner spoilt.. so I have to use the camera. I’ll get my scanner fix asap. Sorry01

Orange box
Asia’s popular group Super Junior returns to South Korea’s music scene after a year and 3 months. Following , , and , the fifth album was released. Once the fifth album was realeased, it was ranked first in terms of sales at most music sites and the number of downloads are amazing which proves Super Junior’s invincible power.

Unique Choreography
Title song , uses witty metaphor to describe to way modern people who currently lives in a busy and complex life with no leisure time, thus losing the enthusiasm for work, love or dreams. This also strongly shows Super Junior’s unique charm whether it is the music or the chereography. It has magnificient visuals, which absolutely is able to attract the sight of Super Junior’s fans all over the world.
In Jungshin sunbae’s creation of talks about Super Junior members unexpected first time meetings and accumulation of stories of their friendships. Its an emotional song with a perfect set of lyrics and melody.
In addition, Donghae’s self composition describes the feelings of yearning for the lover after a break up. Its a R&B ballad which also let people see Donghae’s more matured musical strength.

After was released, it swept the major music charts. Please introduce this song!
A: is an exclusively “SJ Funky” song. In particular, we have prepared stong and powerful dances with an unique music and neat dancing to capture the eyes and ears of fans all around the world. The lyrics uses simple and witty metaphor to describe modern people living in a complex and unpredictable world. People lose their love and dream and they lack of broad mindedness but what really want to be expressed is actually there is no need to see everything so seriously. Sometimes, easy and simple methods are the best methods to find oneself just like the song title “Mr. Simple”.

When you are as Super Junior, which memory do you like the most?
Sungmin: We have too many precious memories, I believe that now is the most precious moment.

What do you feel about your fans all over the world? Are you planning to have Super Show 4 in the Middle East?
A: To us this is a great experience. We wish to connect with fans all over the world, and currently we are planning Super Show 4 world tour, stay tuned~. We have never felt surprised about our fan base but at first we were shy to see fans from various parts of the world participate in our different activities. We hope to see more Non-Asia fans enjoying our performances and communicate frequently with us.

a. Heechul: Early in the morning at Music Centres wating for reporters, I felt sleepy so I took pictures with Lee Donghae. The picturest that we took were very cool so I uploaded them. My leg is a Dhalsim leg. (Note: Dhalsim is a character in Street Fighter 4.)
b. Donghae uploaded a picture of SJ 4 sons picture and wrote The beginning of activities! They finally began their activities which made many people anticipate.
c.Yesung: Today our cute dongsaengs F(x) came to support us~~!! As expected!!

Yellow box –

The album have been released for a while already, what are your feelings towards the return of this album?
A:Leading the Hallyu wave in the world, Super Junior will comeback with the return of the fifth album . We are very nervous yet excited for our first appearance. We have prepared lots so please look forward to our performances and enjoy them. We would want to perform for our fans all over the world as soon as possible and we are very happy that we are able to showcase our MV in this press conference. Though there are many countries that we could not go one by one but through this album we would do our best to go to those countries.


SJ members enthusiasm about the 5th album

Leeteuk: SJ has become the centre of KPOP. The members look forward to this album despite additional pressure!
Ryeowook: The album also includes Donghae’s composition .
Donghae: This is the song whereby I composed with my past experience and feelings!
Leeteuk: Generally speaking, when filming MV if any lights break or stages collapse, it is a sign that the album will sell well. In the end, in this filming, the stage really collapsed. Though it delayed the filming but all of us were saying “This time the album is going to sell very well!”
Sungmin: Thank goodness that the filming was delayed as I injured my waist during the first day of filming. With this extra time, my waist can recover to carry on with the filming. So the whole scene is great!
Shindong: Actually in the Teaser, my face was V-shaped this was due to my request to the production crew to definitely make my face V-shaped as my goal is to slim down to the V-shaped face in the Teaser! While filming the MV, I have been eating less and dancing more. Thus after filming the entire MV, I lost 3 kg which contributed to the overall 15 kg which I have lost but my goal is to lose 30 kg!
Siwon: Though my concept in the poster is very revealing, but I believe that in the MV the clothes cannot be too little. So if anyone who expects that I would be the same in the MV as in the poster, I am sorry to disappoint you all!
Sungmin: When we were doing shots for our cover shot, I felt that Leeteuk’s concept was so amazing that for a moment I was amazed by it.
Leeteuk: Actually it was the photographer who took great shots!
Siwon: I wore so little but in actual fact I want to save the Earth!
Heechul: I think before you do that, you will freeze to death first!
Leeteuk: I think before you can even do that, you will be captured!
Eunhyuk: The concepts for SJ before belongs to the black and white series. This is the first time we are going along with the vibrant and colourful concept, hope that everyone would like it!
Donghae: Our cute ELF who were with SuJu since early morning…whom I always grateful and sorry to! I love you all!

The return to Music Bank

Super Junior marked their comeback stages starting with Music Bank on KBS Station. Under special backdrops and backgrounds, the ten members appeared suave in black suits. The comeback song that fits SJ like a glove is which uses their working experiences and even stories from their pre-debut days as the lyrics. Singing out their hardwork and successes which leaves a deep impression. The title song has powerful dances when merged with the distinctive characteristics of the different members’ voices causes people to be fascinated. Screams are erupted due to the wonderful performance. At the scene, there is a massive number of fans aiding their idols in unison. In addition, tens of thousands of overseas fans watched the comeback stage through livestreaming. SJ’s call to fans is evident.

a. Heechul: With the same hairstyle as me is SISTAR’s Dasom.
b. Heechul: Taken a picture with SuJu. My forehead and cheeks looked as if they were injected with storm-resistant botox?? Donghae and Ryeowook, still have this pair of lightweight.
c. On twitter, Yesung uploaded a picture with the caption: [Super Junior’s comeback. Just came back from Hansel & Gretel with Heechul hyung and Ryeowook.]
d. Ryeowook: I love you all, the children are touched?? Tears look like they are about to fall.
e. Yesung: It begins now~ SuJu let’s go!!

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Translated by: Ger @
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