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[120618/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 1TWT

19 Jun

[TRANS] @ryeong9: Birthday is coming soon, I like this ‘real giraffe’ which Thai fans gave me the gift^^ Donate on behalf of Ryeowook’s name to dusit zoo. “Ryeowook giraffe” I will be going to the zoo for seeing it ^^ Thanks so much, kya kya ♥

곧 생일인데 제가 좋아하는 ‘진짜기린’을 태국 팬분들이 선물해주셨어요 ^^ dusit zoo 동물원에 기증하셨습니다 려욱이란 이름을 가진 그 ‘려욱기린’ 보러 그 동물원 한 번 가봐야겠어요 ^^ 고마워요 캬캬 ♥

Translated by : Manto @ TaiwanLuvSJ
Shared by: Munny @

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[2012/TREND] Trending topics for Ryeowook’s 26th Birthday

17 Jun

What to trend on Ryeowook’s birthday ?  We will trend..

  • “KIM RYEOWOOK” on 20.06.12, 11pm KST – 21.06.12, 11pm KST
    (we will try to trend it for the whole day)
  • #Ryeowook26thBday (most votes) on 20.06.11, 11pm KST
    (so it will be on trending list by 12am)
  • #MoveLikeRyeowook (2nd most votes) on 21.06.11, 4pm KST

Result of the poll


*A/N : KST = Korea Standard Time ( UTC/GMT +9 hours )

Other Time zones :
– Japan, Eastern Indonesia – 11pm ( UTC/GMT +9 hours )
– Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Central Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei – 10pm ( UTC/GMT +8 hours )
– Cambodia, Laos, Western Indonesia,Thailand, Vietnam – 9pm ( UTC/GMT +7 hours )

For other time zones which are not mentioned above, please refer to the time zone converter | )

.:Note: We’ve closed the poll earlier than the stated date due to lack of time. We’re so sorry =(


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.:Let’s be ONE and bring it to the top of top trending list ◕◡◕:.

[2012/POLL] Ryeowook’s 26th Birthday Trending Project

16 Jun

What to trend on Ryeowook’s birthday on 21st of June?  We will trend..

  • “KIM RYEOWOOK” on 20.06.12, 11pm KST – 21.06.12, 11pm KST (we will try to trend it for the whole day)
  • The trending topic with the most votes on 20.06.11, 11pm KST (so it will be on trending list by 12am)
  • The trending topic with the 2nd most votes on 21.06.11, 4pm KST
VOTE for your favourite trending topics! You can vote for 2 trending topics! Vote again in every 3 hours =)
    • #MoveLikeRyeowook  (suggested by @iSuperJuniorART)
    • #JaggerWOOKday  (suggested by @iRyeowookELF)
    • #ImmortalWOOKday (suggested by @spoiltbread)
    • #RyeowookistheBestGift (suggested by @26_arn)
    • #Ryeowook26thBday (suggested by few ELFs)

Closing date : 19.06.2012
.:Let’s be ONE and bring it to the top of top trending list ^-^:.
.:Please vote and spread, Thanks ^-^:.


[INFO] Super Show 4 Live Radio Streaming Tutorial [YY]

20 Nov
  1. Click on
  2. CLICK (N), (N),  (F) in order as shown at below. (It’s okay if you cant see chinese words)
  3. After downloading, go to register at
  4. After registration, click on the icon (as shown below) in your desktop
  5. Log in
  6. Type channel number and press ENTER
  7. You’re DONE! Enjoy =)

DISCLAIMER: Our translator will reply you within 30 minutes. Sorry if we late reply you. I’m busy so please tweet our translators (@manto03 @cherishyukjae @Lollip0pLover @ryeongabs @WEINniShawol @Eunice_wookie)

Note- Please tweet our C-translators (@manto03 @cherishyukjae @Lollip0pLover @ryeongabs @WEINniShawol @Eunice_wookie) if you have problem signing up or downloading. We’ll try our best to help you. Please add me (Admin Munny) in Facebook if our translators never reply your tweet. [ ] Thanks ^^

Shared by: Munny @

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[110903/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 2TWT

3 Sep

@ryeong9: SMTOWN TOKYO DOME CONCERT 오늘도 어김없이 도쿄돔을 꽉 채워준 E.L.F.도 감사합니다. 정말 감동적이야 ~~~>< 볼터치려욱2 부끄럼…버전ㅋㅋㅋ
[TRANS]  SMTOWN TOKYO DOME CONCERT Thank you to E.L.F who also fully filled up the Tokyo Dome without exception today . It’s really touched ~~~>< Blushed cheek Ryeowook 2. Shyness…versionㅋㅋㅋ

@ryeong9: 우리 규현이 자랑스럽다! 불후의 명곡 1위!!! 캬캬 내가 그 순간에 같이 있었어야 하는데 ㅠㅠ 너무너무 축하해~~ 규현이 최고 >0< 최고의 보컬 규느님과 한방 찰칵 캬캬
[TRANS] I’m so proud of our Kyuhyunie! 1st place in Immortal Song!!! kyakya I supposed to be there at the moment ㅠㅠReally congratulations to you~~ Kyuhyunie is the best >0< Took picture with Kyuhyunnim(,) the best vocal kya kya

Translated by: Amira + Munny @

[110831/TRANS] Heechul mentions Ryeowook in Twitter | 1TWT

1 Sep

@Heedictator: 이대팔 가르마 해야지ㅋㅋ RT @ryeong9 내가 차려준 저녁밥 먹는 우리 희철이형 ^^ 삭발해도 여전한 저 미모 ~ 머리빨이 아니었어 캬캬 멋있다!!!
[TRANS]  Should set a two out of eight hairstyle ㅋㅋ RT @ryeong9: Our Heechul hyung is eating the meal that I was prepared for him ^^ Even shaved the hair but still look pretty ~ Not rely on the hair lining kya kya handsome!!!

Translated by: Manto @ TaiwanLuvSJ |

[110901/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 2TWT

1 Sep

@ryeong9:  드림데이 ㅋㅋㅋ 살짝 오그라들지만 포스터 상큼하네 고맙습니다 ^^ “@ZEA_Hyungsik: 뮤지컬 늑대의유혹 드림데이!! 많이많이 보러와주세요 ^_^”
[TRANS] Dream day. kkk Even though, the pic of self taken is slightly small but the poster looks fresh. Thank you very much ^^ “@ZEA_Hyungsik: Musical Temptation of wolves, the dream day!! Please come to see more ^_^

@ryeong9: 잘생겼구먼 ㅋㅋ 희철 시원 ~저 뒤에 어딘가 있는 려욱 ㅋㅋㅋ “@siwon407: 감기몸살까지 걸렸으면서 참 마음편하게 쿨해. 대단하십니다. 그렇담 저도 가시는길 마음편하게 보내드리오리다.;
[TRANS] Really handsomeㅋㅋ Heechul, Siwon ~ Ryeowook was in somewhere at the back ㅋㅋㅋ “@siwon407: Unfortunately he was catch cold, with a clam mind and looks very cool. Then I also put the flat state of my mind, send you to go there and after I will go on that way too.;

Translated & Shared by: Manto @ TaiwanLuvSJ |

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