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[110831/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 6TWT

1 Sep

@ryeong9: 오늘 보내주신 웃음과 박수 정말 감사드립니다^^ 나 몰래 내 핸폰으로 배우형들이 일본가서 형들 잊지말라며 찍은 사진들예요 ㅋㅋ 완전 웃겨 캬캬
[TRANS] Today full of laughter and applause, really thanks a lot^^ Those pictures that actor hyungs took with my cell phone by themselves and told me that I should not forget about them when I am in Japan. keke So funny 캬캬

@ryeong9: TR with RYEOWOOK >< jin tian wo hen gan dong. zhen de a^^ women chi fan nimen de zhun bei de shi wu. women dou hen gao xing. xiexie TR ^^
[TRANS] TR with RYEOWOOK >< Today I feel touched. It’s real^^ We had eaten you guys prepared the food. We all feel happy. Thank you TR ^^

@ryeong9:오늘 늑대의 유혹 전원 스텝 및 배우 분들께 중국 슈퍼주니어 팬 싸이트 <TR with 려욱> 이라는 곳에서 음식을 보내주셨어요. 특히 손수 쓴 한국말로 된 편지에 모든 분들이 놀라셨구요 >< 고맙구요 힘내서 좋은 공연으로 보답할게요~ 사랑해 *0*
[TRANS] Today on Temptation of wolves, one of China Super Junior fansite give the supporting food to all staffs step and actors. Especially for the hand-written letter, everyone feel shock >< Really thanks, fighting. Will do the best to satisfy you all as i can~ I love you *0*

@ryeong9: 뮤비 좋은데^^ 상큼하니 ㅋㅋ 나도 이런거 찍고 싶다 “@ZEA_Hyungsik Special MV(For ZE:A’s) – 왜요?(Wait Yo!) via (high ver.)@youtube”
[TRANS] MV is good ^^ Looks fresh. keke I wanna film something like this one too “@ZEA_Hyungsik Special MV(For ZE:A’s) – 왜요?(Wait Yo!) via (high ver.)@youtube”

@ryeong9: SMTOWN CONCERT 9/2~ 9/4 도쿄돔 오예~~~~>o< 슈퍼주니어 뜹니다 ^^ 긴장하시랏!! 예~~~ 근데 내가 긴장되네 ㅋㅋ 많이 와주세요 E.L.F.
[TRANS] SMTOWN CONCERT 9/2~ 9/4 at Tokyo Dome, oh yeah~~~~>o< Super Junior is coming^^ Elimination of tension!! Yeah~~~ But I still feel nervous keke E.L.F. come here more

@ryeong9: 내가 차려준 저녁밥 먹는 우리 희철이형 ^^ 삭발해도 여전한 저 미모 ~ 머리빨이 아니었어 캬캬 멋있다!!!
[TRANS] Our Heechul hyung is eating the meal that I was prepared for him ^^ Even shaved the hair but still look pretty ~ Not rely on the hair lining kia kia handsome!!!

Translated & Shared by: Manto @ TaiwanLuvSJ |


[110809/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 3 TWT

9 Aug

@ryeong9: @Heedictator 형 저 옆 방이에요 ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] Hyung I’m in the room

@ryeong9: @donghae861015 형 어디 나갔어? ? 형식이 오고 있단 말이야ㅋㅋㅋ 나 깨우고 ㅠ 잠 안온다 힝
[TRANS] Hyung where are you? ? Hyungsikie is comingㅋㅋㅋ I’m awake ㅠ I can’t sleep hing

*hing = crying sound*

Translated by: Munny @

@ryeong9: 작품명 : 샤워 후 그냥 나온 노출증 희님 ㅋㅋ 형이 홍기 좋아하는거보다 더 이뻐해줄거야 형식형식형식형식
[TRANS] Title : Heenim who has exhibitionism, just came out like this after showering ㅋㅋ I will dote him(Hyungsik) more than how Hyung(heenim) likes Hongki. HyungsikHyungsikHyungsikHyungsik

Translated by: @Jinn8812elf
Shared by: Munny @

[110807/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 2 TWTs

7 Aug

@ryeong9: 사랑해요 애기들 완전 감동 ㅠㅠ 눈물 날거 같애
[TRANS] I love you babies(.) (I’m) Really touched ㅠㅠ Feels like tears are coming out

@ryeong9: 우리 이쁜 샤이니 동생들 진기 태민이 종현이 민호 키 너무너무 고마워 ^^ 일본활동 화이팅ㅋ 소녀시대 에프엑스도 너무 고맙구 >< 덕분에 오늘까지 3사 방송사 컴백 무대를 잘 마쳤어요!!!!! 날아보자 슈퍼주니어
[TRANS]Our handsome Shinee dongsaeng Jinki(,) Taeminnie(,) Jonghyunnie(,) Minho(,) Key really really thank you ^^ Fighting for your activities in Japan ㅋ thank you to SNSD (and) f(x) too >< thankful that we completed 3 comeback stages well!!!!! Let’s watch Super Junior fly

Translated by: Munny @

[110714] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 2 TWT

15 Jul

@ryeong9: 기대할게 형 ^^”@shfly3424: 그대뒤에 있습니다. (장혜진&예성 Cooperation Part 1) 7.15일공개라네요 여러분~^^”
[TRANS] I’m looking forward it (,) hyung  ^^”@shfly3424: I’m behind you. (Jang Hyejin & Yesung Cooperation Part 1) will release on 15th of July ~^^”

@ryeong9: 윤택아 ~~^^ 형이 이제야 팔로우 한다 . . 오늘 공연 잘하고 기대할게 &gt;&lt; 멋진놈 “@A_Kwony: 려욱이형 팬분들 감사합니다. 맛있게 잘 먹었습니다^^~
[TNANS]  Yoontaek ah~~^^ Hyung followed* you now. . Do well on today’s performance and I’ll look forward to it >< Cool man “@A_Kwony: Ryeowook Hyung fans thank you. I’ll eat well^^

Translated by: Munny + Piatan @

[110620] Ryeowook’s 25th Birthday Fanart, Photos, Messages by Ryesomnia @ryeong9

20 Jun

Birthday Messages


Ryeowook oppa~~ Happy Birthday!! Please eat more!! Many Ryeosomnia are worrying about your health.. because you’re getting thinner and thinner..>< .. Hwaiting for your Musical but please take care of yourself and dont overwork..We cant give you anything but our love and support =)) Always remember that Ryeosomnia will always by your side no matter what ^^ By the way oppa, today is your 8767th day! iRyeowookELF wish you have a wonderful #eternalWOOKday and #OneFineWookDay =D



Kim Ryeowook, our dear boy, happy birthday! It’s your 25th birthday today! Please enjoy this special day of yours. Remember this, Ryeosomnias will always support you no matter what. I’m sure all Ryeosomnias would like to see this forever chubby and cute Ryeowook. Do take care of your health and work hard! However, don’t overwork! Do get some rest when required.
Ryeosomnias will be anticipating for your Musical debut! Fighting!
Stay healthy always! Love you! ❤



 려욱오빠잘지내셨어요? 보고싶어요>< 오호홋 오늘생일이에용~~생일축하합니다 사랑하는우리령구 생일축하합니다!!! *박수박수* 우아 기뻐요^^ 즐겁게지내요~~~!!! My only wish for you on your birthday is to EAT PROPERLY. I noticed that as time passes by, you’re getting thinner and thinner and that hurts me. RWF is always supporting you through ups and downs. 고마워요^^♥ Thank you for EVERYTHING – for making me cry, smile, laugh, smitten…everything. Please always be happy and healthy! 그렇고말고 사링해용^^ 오빠 should always keep that in mind! ♥ 저랑 결혼해주세요?? ㅋ”


(Karen, Philippines ELF)

Annyeonghaseyo 려욱 oppa ^^
hope you’d celebrateyour birthday with elfs like me someday.. kekeke ~ :D
well more power to your career, saty cute,nice,sweet,humble,simple as you are.. hope you’ll always been a part of SJ and may stay longer on the music industry… Don’t ever forget who really loves you ^.^

Just Remember ELFs and Ryeosomnias always and forever here to support you~~ promise to Believe ♥



(_MissLily @ Twitter, French ELF)
Here is my message in French for Wookie ^.^ Ryeowook Oppa, pour moi, tu es un ange. Ta voix est si inimitable, si originale, que quand je l’ai entendu pour la première, c’était un coup de foudre. Grâce à toi, j’ai pu découvrir un groupe merveilleux, les Super Junior. Mais, tu restera mon chouchou ^.^ Tu es si mignon, tout timide, tout heureux, qu’on ne peux que craquer sur toi. Je ne remercierais jamais assez la SM pour avoir eu l’opportunité de te voir aux SM Town à Paris. Grâce à toi j’ai pu te voir et j’ai aussi pu constater a quel point tu étais souriant et heureux en faisant toujours des signes de mains, tu a comblé ma soirée avec ta seule présence et aussi celles de tes frères. Mon rêve s’est réalisée et je ne pourrais jamais oublier cela. Je te souhaite de tout coeur un Joyeux Anniversaire, s’il-te-plait reste en bonne santé, ne te force pas trop, je ne veux pas te voir en mauvais état, je te souhaite aussi bon courage pour le comeback du groupe en Août et sache que quoique tu fasses, je serais toujours derrière toi pour te soutenir. Ryeowook Oppa, Saranghae.
(marryhee  @ Twitter)
Ryeonggu ^^ thanks for being a cute dongsaeng & hyung ^^ thanks for letting us love you ♥ our Oppa happy birthdayyy~ ♥♥♥


(mharichardiola  @ Twitter)
Happy happy birthday to ryeowook..!! I will never stop supporting him no matter what happens…i love him..!!
(babiluv97 @ Twitter)
To ryeowook oppa:Saranghae ❤ Happy Birthday. In my, ELFs’ and Ryeosomnias’ hearts, you’ll forever be the Eternal maknae we love
(cha_meySUJUELF @ Twitter)
Happy Birthday ..Wish you all the best in this world. Saranghamnida. ♥ u so much
(Yull_JeunHye @ Twiter)
I hope wookie oppa always healthy, success, and getting a girl who caring him ^^ god bless wookie oppa 🙂 ♥ wookie oppa 😀
(LeaderTeukFacts @ Twitter)
 Happy Birthday Ryeowook. Wish you all the best in this world. Saranghamnida. ♥
(wooniewook  @ Twitter)
   I hope he’ll still health,have a blast.Stay with SJ till the end,making smile 4 people around him n 4 himself,get best wishes!!
(XxhardcandyxX @ Twitter)
  Happy B-Day WOOKIE ❥~ Hope That U Have An AWESOME Day ❥~ And Oppa Keep On smileing ❥~ saranghae ❥~ Yumi =^•^=
(SYloveyou @ Twitter)
  Ryeowook oppa,happy 24th birthday!You are exactly 10 years older than me,but age doesnt matter,I still love you lots.
(anitayuki  @ Twitter)
I wish Ryeowook success in life, love and career 🙂 Wish him a happy life & full of blessing
 (RainyLee3  @ Twitter)
Wook Oppa Happy Birthday , and … I love you oh D-O-N-C-R-Y
(AngelTeukiLover  @ Twitter)
@iRyeowookELF I want say … Wookie I love You XD
(ezzaANNAerni  @ Twitter)
@iRyeowookELF dear @ryeong9,Happy Birthday to you 😀 May u happy always and ELF always by your side!Take care & eat well 😀 go RYEOWOOK!
(momokka  @ Twitter)
@iRyeowookELF wishes: stay healthy, stay gorgeous and stay as SJ 15forever. I hope someday he’ll say “Ryeosomnia, saranghae” #eternalWOOKday
(lust3fyer  @ Twitter)
@iRyeowookELF HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KIM RYEOWOOK, wish you always together with Suju and ELFs, healthy & succes in future.. GBU oppa ^v^
(cha_meySUJUELF  @ Twitter)
Happy Birthday ..Wish you all the best in this world. Saranghamnida. ♥ u so much

 (chinacat32001 @ Twitter)

Ryeowook ah~ o6/21 is your day. Let’s break.!!! I always wish you will have much time to sleep.Now this is time to fall asleep. You can see me in your dream.Happy birthday day
(gaemryeong @ Twitter)
oppa! pls always be my cute and adorable eternal magnae. eat healthy food and get more fat. you look so thin. love you, honey 😀
(DuhItsAgnes @ Twitter)I wish ryeowook the best for his musical and also eternal happiness happy birthday wookie !!
(gaemryeong @ Twitter)
oppa! pls always be my cute and adorable eternal magnae. eat healthy food and get more fat. you look so thin. love you, honey 😀

(shfly3421_ @ Twitter)

  sana humaba p life nia ^-^ at sana magkaroon siya ng good health

(HaeForPre @ Twitter)

  Happy birthday my oppa!! Stay healthy, still be a good chef, still cook for my DongHae, and God Bless u:) @ryeong9
(RAQYtomatoBB @ Twitter)
dear wook, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)) stay sweet as you are. always smile. good luck to your musical and upcoming projects. stay healthy. saranghae. ❤
(baberintan  @ Twitter)
To Ryeowook “happy birthday ma boo wish you all the best and i hope to hear your beautiful voice forever, I Love You :D” -Intan
(ELF_VitaMIN_101 @ Twitter)
 Best wishes for you, oppa ♥ 생일 축하 해요 生日快樂 Happy birthday Sinh nhật vui vẻ ♥
(nikkiquevedo @ Twitter)
oppa may stay healthy and that he will enjoy all his projects so that i can see him more :)#eternalWOOKday
(@RyeoMiy @ Twitter)
 I hope Ryeowook oppa always healthy, always happy, be strong men, good at doing anything, and any desire Wookie Oppa, can come true,, the best for Kim Ryeowook ^^

(karenElforever @ Twitter)

 I wish just the best for him 🙂
(WawaRyeowook @ Twitter)
Oppa , today is ur big day right ? I’m so happy for you . Thank you coz make me laughing with ur funny acting . Thank you coz love me as an ELF . Thank you coz make my day brighter with ur precious killer smile . Thank you for singing for us with ur sweet beautiful voice . Congrats for ur musical ! and thank you coz always kill me with ur overload cuteness and hotness. You are such an awesome amazing boy ever . You are my oxygen , my life , my love. Stay focus on ur career . Sing more , Act more , Dance more , Compose song more and Cook more ! Pls come to Malaysia again , I Miss You 🙂 . Lastly , HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM RYEOWOOK , NATHAN KIM , LI XU ,Ryouku , 김려욱 ,@ryeong9 , SARANGHAEYO ♥ . I’ll stay support u till the day I die . Hwaiting ! << My message to Ryeowook
(koreanstt_ @ Twitter)
hope that @ryeong9 will be happy with whatever he does and succeed!!! Happy birthday! ❤ Sheng ri kuai le! ❤
(iHyunAeKN @ Twitter)
Ryeowook sshi , happy birthday to you ! (: *Sing birthday song* Don’t overwork yourself and be happy always♥ I love you baby ♥
(Jerlynshere @ Twitter)
오빠 생일 축하합니다 😀 wish you all the best ^^ stay cute and angelic always.. 오빠 사랑해
(zaikenhuo  @ Twitter)
  I have nothing else to wish for our dearest Ryeowook but happiness every day of his life no matter how tough his life is 🙂
(iamAkiro @ Twitter)
 Hi~ This is my birthday message & doodle for @ryeong9 ~ Happy birthday to @ryeong9 ! May he have a wonderful birthday! I wish that all his dreams will come true! Stay safe and always be happy! ^^♥
(xinwo21 @ Twitter)
I wish Ryeong oppa a very happy happy birthday :3 hope he’ll become healthier and more projects for him 🙂 ♥
(tanniiaaw @ Twitter)
wish for my @Ryeong9 🙂 Saengil chukkae hamnida oppa! oppa, wish u always healthy and longlife({}) i wish you always succes of your work, carrier, and others 🙂 Happy birthday my cutest oppa in the world! Kekeke~>< you’re the cutest namja I’ve ever seen~XD Take care of your cute face and angel voice oppa 🙂 I hope you more love your fans! yap! Your RYEOSOMNIAS and ELF 🙂 who always support and be there for you<3 and my BigWish from you, come again to INDONESIA oppa! Hihihi^^ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RYEONGGU OPPA! SARANGHAEYO!<3 MY LOVE FOR YOU EVERLASTING! once more,Saengil chukkae my wookie oppa!!!~~^o^
happy birthday to kim ryeowook oppa .. i hope you always be happy and success in your carrier…love u so much!!!!

Fan Arts

by: iamAkiro @ Twitter

by: MyCherishe

By: momokka @ RyeowookFacts

By: YumakoChan

By: shaneyismine @ Twitter




Credit: owners
Shared by: Munny @

Thanks for sending us your photos,fanarts and messages ^^
Please tweet this to Ryeowook!

[110616/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 1TWT

16 Jun

@ryeong9: 고마워요 프로필촬영과 등 끝나고 집에 와보니까 선물이~~와우 힘낼게요 ^^ 인증샷 ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] Thank you. After photoshoot and others ended, I saw the gifts when I go back home~~ Wua It gives me strength ^^ Picture ㅋㅋ

Translated by: Munny @

.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.

[2011/TREND] Ryeowook’s 25th Birthday Trending Project

6 Jun

What to trend on Ryeowook’s birthday on 21st of June?  We will trend..

  • KIM RYEOWOOK” on 20.06.11, 11pm KST – 21.06.11, 11pm KST (we will try to trend it for the whole day)
  • #eternalWOOKday on 20.06.11, 11pm KST (so that it will be in TT list at 12amKST)
  • #OneFineWookDay on 21.06.11, 5pm KST
For those who are confused about #RYEONG9birthday, please read

.:For more info,please check Thanks :.

.:Let’s be ONE and bring it to the top of top trending list ^-^:.
.:Please spread this asap, thanks:.

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