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[101023] Ryeowook UFO message

24 Oct

[Ryeowook]Dear E.L.F~! Just wait a for a while, we can meet. Super Show 3! Enjoy it!♥

Translated by: Munny @

[101016] Ryeowook UFO message

17 Oct

[丽旭]天凉了!!!!! 小心感冒哦~^^

[TRANS] Cool day!!!!! Be careful of a cold oh~^^

Translated by: mook_yeye @
Shared by: Munny @

[101015] Ryeowook’s UFO reply (wishes for Donghae)

15 Oct

Today at 10.21am KST…

[려욱] 동해형, 생일 축하오~^^
[TRANS] Donghae hyung, Happy Birthday~^^

Credit: UFO town
Translated by: mook_yeye @
Shared by: Munny @

[100907] Ryeowook UFO replied

7 Sep

Fan : Ah I’m hungry ㅠㅠ
Wook : I’m having fried rice ~ want to eat together ? ㅋ
Fan : Do you like fried rice ?
Wook : ㅋㅋ (I) like it ~ ㅎㅎ

Fan : Right now it’s break time ~ ㅋ Are you thinking about me ? because I’m thinking about you ㅋ
Wook : Me too ~~ (I’m) thinking about you ^^

Fan : I left school early due to having a stomachahe ㅜㅜ ack oppa please dont get hurt
Wook : Are you alright ?? ㅠㅠ
Fan : I sufferred from enteritis ㅜㅜ indeed the health is the most important thing!
Wook : Aigoo please dont get hurt ~~ ㅠㅠ

Source : osmr fancafe
Translated by: evanesco @
Reuploaded by: mook_yeye @
: Munny @

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