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[130211/PIC] LG – Ryeowook (with Kyuhyun,Yesung,Siwon) Chinese New Year Greeting

11 Feb


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[121130/PIC] Ryeowook at MAMA part 4 | 11P HQ

5 Dec


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[121130/PIC] Ryeowook at MAMA part 3 | 14P HQ

3 Dec


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[121130/PIC] Ryeowook at MAMA part 2 | 25P HQ

3 Dec


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[120701/LYRIC] Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single

30 Jun

Sexy, Free & Single

Every single day I try
정말 거의 다 왔어
We get closer to a good time
시련들에 Say goodbye
Sexy, Free & Single
이제 준비는 완료
Sexy, Free & Single
I’m ready too, Bingo
헤이 누구나 쉽사리 갖는 건
재미없잖아 좀 더 높게 세게
위에서 봐. 견뎌낸 자가 깨닫게
되는 것 좀 더 버텨 버텨
내 사람아 사람아 날 더 믿어줘
난 드디어 Wake up 수면위로
긴 시련에 더 깊어져 나다워져
이젠 Upgrade 다음 단계로 나가 오
숨이 차게 달려와 멋지게 끝낸
그대 Have a good time
오늘만큼 Party time
가슴이 요동치는 승리를 맛 봐
이제는 Have a good time
누가 그댈 막겠나 오
Sexy, Free & Single
I’m ready too, Bingo
Sexy, Free & Single
I’m ready too, Bingo
역시 불리한 확률에 맞서
겁내지 말고
역시 불리한 확률은
끝도 안 봐도 Bingo
무겁다고 무섭다고 포기하지는 마
이제부터가 진짜 나나나나나나
누구나 한번쯤 다 겪어 보는 것뿐
We fail, We lose, To win
두려워하지 말아
내 사람아 사람아 난 더
강해졌어 Yeah! 드디어 우리
Time for romance
더 멋진 꿈을 향해 또 날아가겠어
다시 Upgrade 지켜봐, 맡겨봐
난 점점 대담해 지는걸
Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
이 거친 세상을 마주 한 채
Too hot
준비된 자만 아는걸
Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
여긴 끝도 없는 변수만큼
Have fun 3. 2. 1 Go
숨이 차게 달려와 멋지게 끝낸
그대 Have a good time
오늘만큼 Party time
가슴이 요동치는 승리를 맛 봐
이제는 Have a good time
누가 그댈 막겠나 오
Sexy, Free & Single
난 좀 괜찮은 남자
Sexy, Free & Single
넌 좀 대단한 남자
역시 불리한 확률에 맞서
겁내지 말고
역시 불리한 확률은
끝도 안 봐도 Bingo
이 세상 끝에서
또 한 번 숨을 돌리고
날 지켜준 사람 소중한 믿음을
간직해 기대해도 좋아
Let’s go
Sexy, Free & Single
I’m ready too, Bingo
Sexy, Free & Single
I’m ready too, Bingo
숨이 차게 달려와 멋지게 끝낸
그대 Have a good time
오늘만큼 Party time
가슴이 요동치는 승리를 맛 봐
이제는 Have a good time
누가 그댈 막겠나 오
Sexy, Free & Single
I’m ready too, Bingo

Credit: @raichanxd @ twitter
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[110911/SCAN+TRANS] Malay EPOP Magazine July Issue 22 | 4P

11 Sep

Translation for page 10: –

Super Junior SM Town Live in Paris 

1. Check-in
2. The last group arrived at the airport, Super Junior!
3. Ryeowook, look at the camera, please?
4. Sungmin always smile!
5. Siwon and Donghae were waiting for other members.
6. Cute Donghae!
7. Who is this?
8. Shin Dong, Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk as Beyonce!
9. Ah~ it’s Lady HeeHee!
10.Yesung, what are you doing there?
11.Super Junior posed with SHINee in front of Musee Du Louvre.

Translation for page 12: –

Super Junior-M always prepare for any challenge!
Eun Hyuk is the most hygienic!
Sungmin is the most loved by women?

1. Epop: How do you feel when you stay in Taiwan for a long time?
Zhou Mi: Actually, Taiwan is not a foreign place for me since I have been watching Taiwan TV show since young. Taiwan’s TV show is so entertaining! I even want to participate more in entertainment program!
Henry: I feel so happy to meet my mum since the last time I met her. I love Taiwan weather that always make me feel sleepy, haha!
Sung Min: Taiwanese are so friendly and that makes me feel overwhelmed.
Eun Hyuk: I have chance to feel different experience. I even feel very healthy now. I do watched entertainment program but I can’t understand it.
Kyu Hyun: Same thing here! I watched the show as well but can’t understand their conversation!

Epop: Nowadays, there’s lots of artists has started their own business. If you have chance, what kind of business would you like to start?
Zhou Mi: I want to open a shop as well! If I have chance, I want to open a boutique!
Sung Min: My father owns a company in Korea. If there is a chance, I want to open a branch in Taiwan, haha!
Eun Hyuk: If I have a chance, I want to open a chicken grilled restaurant!
Kyu Hyun: I want to start a business selling 3D computer.
Ryeo Wook: If possible, I want to open a Szechwan restaurant in Korea!

2Epop: What is your favourite food in Taiwan?
Ryeo Wook: Everything is so delicious! But the most I liked is fried roll.
Kyu Hyun: He almost done tried all the food!
Ryeo Wook: Haha! I went to Ximen-Ding! I disguise myself and I don’t care if I am spotted by ELFs because I liked to be noticed by ELFs! Haha!
Kyu Hyun: I liked Pearl Milk Tea before. Lots of fans gave it for me till I can’t finish it! Now I don’t drink that tea anymore.
Ryeo Wook: So you should try ice blended.It’s so yummy!
Eun Hyuk: I like big portion of chocolate ice blended!
Henry: I am not so interested since I’ve tried various of Taiwan’s food since young.
Sung Min: I like shrimp fishing and grill it afterwards. It’s so delicious!
Zhou Mi: For me, I like fried onion cake and stew meat with rice.

Epop: Who is the most hygienic? (Everyone says themselves!)
Eun Hyuk: You guys need to be honest!!
Kyu Hyun: I think it is Eun Hyuk! There was once after activity…….
Eun Hyuk: Haha! Can you please not reveal it?
Kyu Hyun: Why? After activity, Eun Hyuk wants to go to toilet. He took a soap and washed his armpits. At that time, I think he liked cleanliness.
Eun Hyuk: Haha! It is true! Because I was so sweaty after dance practise! I feel uncomfortable and the shirt was kinda tight! My body feels sticky and uncomfortable!
Henry: If you go to Eun Hyuk’s room, all his belongings are well-organized.
Zhou Mi: Because he has a large room! When we need to stay long in Taiwan, we had voted and Eun Hyuk is the one who got that room. Our room are small compared to him, for sure it look kinda mess! His room is large of course it looks well-organized.

Translation for page 13: –

3. Epop: What kind of woman do you like?
Henry: I like small-eyed girl. If she has big eyes, I might feel uneasy if I meet her everyday. Haha! She must love music and always support me!
Sung Min: I liked an innocent and kind-hearted woman.
Zhou Mi: I like big-eyed woman and has small chin.
Ryeo Wook: round-eyed woman and long hair.
Eun Hyuk: A woman who tied her hair and have collar-bone.
Kyu Hyun: I like woman who let man pay for her meal but she will pay for tea. Do not depend on man only!
Eun Hyuk: I am not kind of that. If I really liked her, I will give everything. I think she should only give a small gift for me.
Kyu Hyun: I can pay for her but she need to show her sincerity.

4. Epop: Who sleep late at night?
Ryeo Wook: Zhou Mi, Kyu Hyun and Henry!
Kyu Hyun: Because I want to read book.
Eun Hyuk: Book? There’s no book in your room except comic!
Kyu Hyun: Haha! Actually, there is no comic as well, haha! I play games and always practise piano!
Sung Min: He is so noisy! When he watch football, he will scream when he’s happy!
Eun Hyuk: Kyu Hyun feel annoyed if other people disturb him when he listen to music. So, he put on earphone and sing loudly!
Kyu Hyun: I’m consider your feeling as well!
Ryeo Wook: He always practise music like that.
Henry: I sleep late at night because work normally finished at late night. After that, I need to learn Chinese.

Epop: Donghae has uploaded a picture on Twitter and ELFs called him a good man. What is your opinion?
Eun Hyuk: He did it intentionally. He want to show people that he’s so kind-hearted!
Henry: Yeah! It was the first time I saw Hyung washed the dishes! Haha!
(Epop: You all condemn Donghae when he is not here?

5. Epop: Who is the most amiable with staffs?
SJ-M: Ryeo Wook!
Ryeo Wook: Haha! That is how I learn Chinese. I chat with staffs and go sightseeing with them.
Kyu Hyun: He never spend time together with us whenever we are at our dorm. He only mingle with staffs!

Epop: Who is most favored by women?
Sung Min: Me! Because I always sit silenty at corner and wait for women come to me!
Eun Hyuk: Sung Min give attention differently between men and women!
Sung Min: You too! You!
Eun Hyuk: When I talk to woman, my voice tone is soft. But I’ve no expression when talk with guy.

Translation for page 14:-

Date: 28/05/2011 [Saturday]
Time: 2200
Venue: Main Stage, Presint 3, Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Activity: Hari Belia Negara 2011 [National Youth Day 2011] – Super Junior-M Free Concert in Malaysia.

Fans obsessed over Super Junior-M.
Solo performances were so remarkable.

For the first time ever, Super Junior-M had performed in Malaysia for free. Without Si Won and Dong Hae, ELFs welcomed Super Junior-M with pleasantly. On the Saturday night, the venue was filled with ELFs and Sapphire Blue colour to support Super Junior-M.

Since they have been to Malaysia for few times, Super Junior-M had greet ELFs in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Malay as well. Super Junior-M said, they feels so happy to be in Malaysia once again after Super Show 3. Eun Hyuk who is good in entertain ELFs had said, “Saya cinta padamu” (Malay for ” I love you”) to ELFs.

As for Super Junior-M who temporary stay in Taiwan, are they having difficulties in learning Mandarin? Kyu Hyun suddenly answered in Mandarin, “I feel hot”. At this moment, Zhou Mi who is caring, warmly touched Kyu Hyun’s hair. When seeing this interaction between both of them, ELFs shouts happily! Eun Hyuk praises Malaysia’s girl so beautiful. With a sweet smile, Eun Hyuk said he want to find a Malaysian girl as his girlfriend. If possible, he wish to have all Malaysian girls. Besides, Sung Min stated his difficulty in learning Mandarin, and Henry as well. Nevertheless, both of them promised to learn Mandarin. On the other hand, Ryeowook said, he loves Mandarin. When MC taught Super Junior-M to say “sayang”(love), witty Eun Hyuk once again captured ELFs hearts by saying “sayang” three times continuosly.

Among Super Junior-M, who are the most childish member? Henry, who has been known as the most childlike, started singing a song, Baby by Justin Bieber.
Who are the most shy among members? Kyu Hyun smile shyly and answered, “I’m shy”. Then he swiftly hide behind Eun Hyuk. For Zhou Mi who is from China, how about his relationship with other members? Zhou Mi said, “Members are like my own siblings. Sometimes, I will teach them Mandarin. If they fail to learn proper Mandarin, I even smack their butt”. When Zhou Mi finished his talk, maknae Kyu Hyun showed that he’s scared of Zhou Mi and hide behind of Eun Hyuk. After that, Zhou Mi introduced the song that he will sing next but Kyu Hyun suddenly interupt, “It’s secret”. Then he intentionally introduce wrong song, “Blue Tomorrow”

Other than interesting performances, Super Junior-M made a close interaction with fans as well. Six lucky ELFs had chance to ask few questions to Super Junior-M and even chance to hug and shake hand with Super Junior-M members. There was an ELF who gets kissed from Zhou Mi on her hand and someone even gets hugged by Kyu Hyun. The most hilarious part was when naughty Eun Hyuk want to copy Zhou Mi’s act by pretending to kiss an ELF’s hand but actually kissed his own hand. At the end, he made that ELF happy by hugging her from the back. One of the fangirls asked Eun Hyuk, if he still wears other members underwear. With a worried expression, Eun Hyuk denied it immediately and said, “I’m wearing my own underwear. If you want, I will show you!”.

For the solo performances, Henry had performed “Off My Mind”, while Zhou Mi sang Z-Chen’s song, “3am in The Morning”. Ryeo Wook and Kyu Hyun each sang Mandarin song,”I Only Care About You” and “If You Have Heard”. Their good pronounciation had received applause from ELFs. In addition, Eun Hyuk performed remix songs as well as showing his dance skill. After solo performances ended, Super Junior-M showed their gratitude upon ELFs support. If possible, they actually hope to hold a fans party in Malaysia. After sang “Destiny”, Super Junior-M sang special encore song “Super Girl” for ELFs as closing performance.


Scanned and Translated : AmyzahLee @
Shared by: Munny @
(Sorry for any grammatical error)

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[110903/PIC+TRANS] Yeah Magazine Issue 480 | 3P

10 Sep

Note- Sorry for the low quality pictures. My scanner spoilt.. so I have to use the camera. I’ll get my scanner fix asap. Sorry01

Orange box
Asia’s popular group Super Junior returns to South Korea’s music scene after a year and 3 months. Following , , and , the fifth album was released. Once the fifth album was realeased, it was ranked first in terms of sales at most music sites and the number of downloads are amazing which proves Super Junior’s invincible power.

Unique Choreography
Title song , uses witty metaphor to describe to way modern people who currently lives in a busy and complex life with no leisure time, thus losing the enthusiasm for work, love or dreams. This also strongly shows Super Junior’s unique charm whether it is the music or the chereography. It has magnificient visuals, which absolutely is able to attract the sight of Super Junior’s fans all over the world.
In Jungshin sunbae’s creation of talks about Super Junior members unexpected first time meetings and accumulation of stories of their friendships. Its an emotional song with a perfect set of lyrics and melody.
In addition, Donghae’s self composition describes the feelings of yearning for the lover after a break up. Its a R&B ballad which also let people see Donghae’s more matured musical strength.

After was released, it swept the major music charts. Please introduce this song!
A: is an exclusively “SJ Funky” song. In particular, we have prepared stong and powerful dances with an unique music and neat dancing to capture the eyes and ears of fans all around the world. The lyrics uses simple and witty metaphor to describe modern people living in a complex and unpredictable world. People lose their love and dream and they lack of broad mindedness but what really want to be expressed is actually there is no need to see everything so seriously. Sometimes, easy and simple methods are the best methods to find oneself just like the song title “Mr. Simple”.

When you are as Super Junior, which memory do you like the most?
Sungmin: We have too many precious memories, I believe that now is the most precious moment.

What do you feel about your fans all over the world? Are you planning to have Super Show 4 in the Middle East?
A: To us this is a great experience. We wish to connect with fans all over the world, and currently we are planning Super Show 4 world tour, stay tuned~. We have never felt surprised about our fan base but at first we were shy to see fans from various parts of the world participate in our different activities. We hope to see more Non-Asia fans enjoying our performances and communicate frequently with us.

a. Heechul: Early in the morning at Music Centres wating for reporters, I felt sleepy so I took pictures with Lee Donghae. The picturest that we took were very cool so I uploaded them. My leg is a Dhalsim leg. (Note: Dhalsim is a character in Street Fighter 4.)
b. Donghae uploaded a picture of SJ 4 sons picture and wrote The beginning of activities! They finally began their activities which made many people anticipate.
c.Yesung: Today our cute dongsaengs F(x) came to support us~~!! As expected!!

Yellow box –

The album have been released for a while already, what are your feelings towards the return of this album?
A:Leading the Hallyu wave in the world, Super Junior will comeback with the return of the fifth album . We are very nervous yet excited for our first appearance. We have prepared lots so please look forward to our performances and enjoy them. We would want to perform for our fans all over the world as soon as possible and we are very happy that we are able to showcase our MV in this press conference. Though there are many countries that we could not go one by one but through this album we would do our best to go to those countries.


SJ members enthusiasm about the 5th album

Leeteuk: SJ has become the centre of KPOP. The members look forward to this album despite additional pressure!
Ryeowook: The album also includes Donghae’s composition .
Donghae: This is the song whereby I composed with my past experience and feelings!
Leeteuk: Generally speaking, when filming MV if any lights break or stages collapse, it is a sign that the album will sell well. In the end, in this filming, the stage really collapsed. Though it delayed the filming but all of us were saying “This time the album is going to sell very well!”
Sungmin: Thank goodness that the filming was delayed as I injured my waist during the first day of filming. With this extra time, my waist can recover to carry on with the filming. So the whole scene is great!
Shindong: Actually in the Teaser, my face was V-shaped this was due to my request to the production crew to definitely make my face V-shaped as my goal is to slim down to the V-shaped face in the Teaser! While filming the MV, I have been eating less and dancing more. Thus after filming the entire MV, I lost 3 kg which contributed to the overall 15 kg which I have lost but my goal is to lose 30 kg!
Siwon: Though my concept in the poster is very revealing, but I believe that in the MV the clothes cannot be too little. So if anyone who expects that I would be the same in the MV as in the poster, I am sorry to disappoint you all!
Sungmin: When we were doing shots for our cover shot, I felt that Leeteuk’s concept was so amazing that for a moment I was amazed by it.
Leeteuk: Actually it was the photographer who took great shots!
Siwon: I wore so little but in actual fact I want to save the Earth!
Heechul: I think before you do that, you will freeze to death first!
Leeteuk: I think before you can even do that, you will be captured!
Eunhyuk: The concepts for SJ before belongs to the black and white series. This is the first time we are going along with the vibrant and colourful concept, hope that everyone would like it!
Donghae: Our cute ELF who were with SuJu since early morning…whom I always grateful and sorry to! I love you all!

The return to Music Bank

Super Junior marked their comeback stages starting with Music Bank on KBS Station. Under special backdrops and backgrounds, the ten members appeared suave in black suits. The comeback song that fits SJ like a glove is which uses their working experiences and even stories from their pre-debut days as the lyrics. Singing out their hardwork and successes which leaves a deep impression. The title song has powerful dances when merged with the distinctive characteristics of the different members’ voices causes people to be fascinated. Screams are erupted due to the wonderful performance. At the scene, there is a massive number of fans aiding their idols in unison. In addition, tens of thousands of overseas fans watched the comeback stage through livestreaming. SJ’s call to fans is evident.

a. Heechul: With the same hairstyle as me is SISTAR’s Dasom.
b. Heechul: Taken a picture with SuJu. My forehead and cheeks looked as if they were injected with storm-resistant botox?? Donghae and Ryeowook, still have this pair of lightweight.
c. On twitter, Yesung uploaded a picture with the caption: [Super Junior’s comeback. Just came back from Hansel & Gretel with Heechul hyung and Ryeowook.]
d. Ryeowook: I love you all, the children are touched?? Tears look like they are about to fall.
e. Yesung: It begins now~ SuJu let’s go!!

Scanned + Shared by: Munny @
Translated by: Ger @
(Sorry for any grammatical error)

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