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[PIN/110409] Super Star K’ Music Video Compilation – Ryeowook

11 Apr

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[110216/NEWS] Super Junior KRY Melts Women’s Hearts

16 Feb

“Super Junior has the image of being funny, but I think the image of us being singers is important as well.”

Group Super Junior-K.R.Y. (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung) held their first solo concert on February 13th and mesmerized the fans with their singing abilities.

K.R.Y. stood in front 1,200 fans at Woori Finance Art Hall at Seoul Olympic Park. K.R.Y. is a unit composed of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung. The group’s forte is singing ballads with their superb singing abilities. To emphasize their strong point, they chose to hold the concert at a musical theater hall. The theater hall conveyed vivid sound by having the audience close to the stage.

The first song of the concert was the R&B version of Super Junior’s hit song “Sorry, Sorry” called “Sorry, Sorry Answer.” The song showed the group’s intent to display their singing abilities even with a dance song like “Sorry, Sorry.”

Afterward, they sang songs featured in Super Junior’s third album, “Let’s Not” and “Heartquake.” The group sang mostly ballads, singing songs from the fourth album “Coagulation” and “In My Dream.”

When Kyuhyun was explaining that they have a lot of ballads, he joked, “Your eyes could be involuntarily closed.” However, their voices which penetrate people’s sensibility increased the audience’s concentration.

The highlights of the concert were the individual member’s performances. Kyuhyun came out of the stage wearing glittering clothes as character Kim Joo-won in SBS drama, Secret Garden. He sang the song “That Man,” receiving cheers from the fans.

Ryeowook showed off his unique and pure voice through the performance of MBC drama, Home Sweet Home’s OST “Smile Again.” He also showed off his dance and piano skills with his performance of Mika’s “Blame It On The Girls.”

Yesung displayed his husky voice by singing KBS Drama, Cinderella Sister’s OST “It Has To Be You” and “Waiting For You,” from SBS drama, Paradise Ranch’s OST which TVXQ’s Changmin appears in.

Moreover, the group was considerate of Chinese fans by singing a Chinese children’s song, “Whisper of Zephyr” (The Words Of Southern Wind).

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment’s CEO Lee Soo-man, Super Junior’s Heechul, SHINee’s Taemin, Minho, Key and TRAX’s Jungmo attended the concert on the 13th.

Source: AsiaToday
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[110211] Super Junior K.R.Y 1st Concert Backstage at Seoul | 1P

14 Feb

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[110214/NEWS] Ryeowook wants Super Junior to be known as singers, not just as variety stars

14 Feb

While wrapping up their first Korean concert on February 13th, Super Junior-K.R.Y’s Ryeowook spoke about his feelings on Super Junior’s ‘variety image’ through tears.

He began, “We held this concert in Japan and Taiwan first, and I really wanted to perform for our Korean fans as well, so I’m very sorry for that. Super Junior’s known for their funny and ‘variety’ image.. But I personally think that our singing image is just as important.”

Tearing up, he continued,
“We’re able to hold concerts like this because all of you (fans) exist. We’ll continue to work hard in order to become a Super Junior that holds a lot of concerts as well.”

Kyuhyun and Yesung commented, “He’s really an angelic person. Thank you so much for coming tonight.”

Source: Allkpop | Joy News 24 via Daum
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[110214/NEWS] Super Junior-K.R.Y successfully completes their first Korean concert

14 Feb


Super Junior’s ballad unit, Super Junior-K.R.Y, held their first individual concert over a period of three days, and on February 13th, the boys wrapped up their “SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y THE 1ST CONCERT“.

Comprised of members Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung, the trio was one of Korea’s first ‘unit system’ debuts, and received much love for their impressive vocal talents and beautiful harmony in their various ballad hits and OST tracks.

The unit already held concerts in Japan and Taiwan last year, but due to unending requests from their Korean fans, decided to go ahead with their first Korean concert this year.

The members came together for a press conference an hour before their final concert and said “We’re extremely happy to be able to hold a concert like this. It’s an opportunity for us to show a different charm to what we normally show through Super Junior. Through ballads, we hope to touch hearts.”

They continued, “We plan to show off a lot of the ballad tracks from both drama OSTs and our official albums. There are a lot of ballads in our albums aside from dance tracks, but there was little opportunity for us to perform them in concerts. We’ve held a lot of concerts with 10,000 fans, but this concert was prepared with the thought of becoming closer with our fans. Kyuhyun will be performing a “Secret Garden” OST track while wearing the famous blue training suit, while Ryeowook will be performing a dance remake of Mika’s“Blame It On the Girls.” Meanwhile, Yesung will be performing his OST songs from “Paradise Ranch” and “Cinderella’s Sister.”

They ended, “It’s been about five years since Super Junior-K.R.Y debuted. In comparison to when the members are all promoting together, I feel that our voices blend better. Please look forward to us.”

Source: Star News via Nate & AKP
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