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[110327/NEWS] Super Junior M stays in Taipei for promotions in Asia : Unable to freely go out due to follower fans

28 Mar

Finally fulfilling their wish which is to have a long stay in Taiwan, but SJ-M helplessly said “We can’t go out, cause there’s people following everywhere…” Super Junior who just held 3 days concerts in Taiwan in mid-March, their sub-unit Super Junior M who previously came to Taiwan planning for a long stay secretly for their better development in Chinese music industry joked in Chinese saying that “Contact us when you need model for your CF, prices are negotiable.” The members who wanted to be more into Taiwan live style, are unable to as there are too many fans around them, hence, causing them not able to freely go out. With a bit of disappointed expression, they told the reporter : Can’t really go out.

Under the arrangement from the Taiwan’s management company, SJM reached Taiwan and started the short period of staying. Apart from Siwon and Donghae who are going to shoot drama, other members also hope that they can do more different things. Donghae and Kyuhyun even joked together in Chinese: “Hope (we) have more activities in Taiwan, our prices are really negotiable.” Eunhyuk who next to them, teased Donghae : ” Even Underwear also can” which make all the audience laughed. This time (they) also hired a teacher to teach them Chinese, Kyuhyun added he had learned extra like “na a nei (why like this)” “ba do yao (hungry)”etc, a few Taiwanese sentences.

As for any place that they want to go after reaching Taiwan, Zhoumi said that they went to Shilin Night Market few days ago and they also went to famous Sichuan restaurant to have their meal and Henry also bought “Salty Crispy Chicken” to let everyone try. But when asked still have which place want to go, Donghae replied in a helpless tone, they are not really can and will go out because too many people will follow them. And when asked are they used to the food, Ryeowook replied that everyone except Eunhyuk, is well adapted and Sungmin started has the sign of gaining weight.

SJM who are going to stay in Taiwan for a period of time, said that now they are already arranging many activities and hope can have more close contact with the people who love them. And lastly, Siwon use Chinese to say : “We want to prove that this sentance “the higher the expectation is, the more disappointment will be” is wrong. Want to let everyone know that is worth it for waiting so long!”

Source: http://tw.news.yahoo.com
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