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[2011] Video for Ryeowook’s birthday ♥

19 May

We’re SORRY to inform you that we’ve canceled our video project for Ryeowook’s Birthday.Due to lack of time to promote, not many ELF join this project. But you can still submit your photo to us. We’ll post it in our wordpress. We’re really sorry and thank you for understanding.


Ryeosomnia, we’re collecting Ryeosomnia picstures to make a video for Ryeowook’s Birthday.Please send me a photo with any one of the following options

  1.  Photo of you holding any Ryeowook stuff like Ryeowook poster,picture,card,banner,towel etc…
  2. Photo of you holding an paper (preferably A4 paper) with words like “Ryeowook I Love You” “Happy Birthday” etc …
  3. Use any photo editer to insert a short message like “I Love ♥Ryeowook” “Happy Birthday Ryeowook” etc… on a photo of you
And please send it to or upload it at twitpic/yfrog and mention @iRyeowooKELF. Please send it by first week of June.

Posts related to Ryeowook birthday projects, please refer to,

.:Feel free to mention us if you have any question . Please join and spread this =) :.



















[110516-17/ENG SUB] SJM for Yahoo Music x 2

18 May
Credit: manto03 @ Youtube
Translated by: manto @ TaiwanLuvSJ
Shared by: Piatan + Munny @
.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.

[110517/VID] CTV “Guess” Preview – Super Junior M

18 May

Credit: uploader
Shared by: Piatan @

[110517/VID] “We are Friends” Friendship Concert – SJM

18 May
Credit: uploader
Shared by: Pia tan @

[110517/VID] 100% Entertainment – Super Junior M Episode 2 | 5 parts

17 May
Credit: uploader
Shared by: Munny @

[110517/VID] Chinatimes interview with SJ-M @ “We are Friends” Friendship Concert Press Conference

17 May

Credit : China Yes
Shared by: ALLRISEUNHAE @ Twitter

[110517] Korean POP Magazine – Super Junior M | 20P

17 May


Photos by: @ryeotikong9  @ Twitter
Shared by: Munny @

.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.
.:DO NOT remove credit in the pictures:.

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