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[110507/PIC] Ryeowook at SS3 Vietnam Part 1 | 11P

8 May

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[110401/SCAN+TRANS] Chinese EPOP Magazine Issue 304 | 3P

2 Apr

Translation for page 10: –

Super Junior-M is going to have a long term stay in Taiwan
Currently, Super Junior-M fufils their wish of having a long term stay in Taiwan. On one hand it is because the members want to learn Chinese, on the other it is because members Donghae and Siwon have been casted in a Taiwanese Drama. The other members will also use this opportunity to become spokespersons of commercials, and expressed that the prices for them to become spokesperson can be negotiatable. SJ-M wants to learn the Taiwanese lifestyle as soon as possible,so they want to go out to the streets to shop but their fans are following them so closely that they are unable to go as planned. To learn Chinese, they also employed a Chinese teacher, Kyuhyun expressed that he learned more sentences such as “Why is this like this?” and “I’m hungry” in Taiwanese dialect. In this period of time, SJ-M has also tried out Taiwanese delicacies, Henry’s mother also treat the members to eat chicken. Recently joined Eunhyuk is not used to Taiwan dishes thus he went to the super market to buy a huge amount of kimchi whereas Sungmin adapted quite well to the delicacies and eat til he is very full each time.

Translation for page 12:
The tremendous improvement in Chinese of Super Junior M.
Eunhyuk: At some places, we speak wrong languages.

SJ-M went to Hong Kong for . Super Junior M who did not go to Hong Kong for a very long time, has shown tremendous improvement in their Chinese, members Eunhyuk even expressed that (he) wants to use this chance to go sightseeing in Hong Kong! When interviewed, Zhoumi expressed that he wants to try many local Hong Kong delicacies. Sungmin, said that it is taking a toll on them as they filmed two MVs in one day (the Chinese and the Korean version of ) but for the recording of Director Chou(Jay Chou)’s song , it was difficult as its lyrics are slightly fast. When asked on the whole who would Super Junior-M like to work with, they replied that they must let Andy Lau and Henry Lau(SJ-M member) work together, whereas Zhoumi really like Angie Xie and Joey Yong and wished that for the next album, SJ-M can work with female Hong Kong singers.

Chinese of SJ-M members have improved tremendously, Siwon revealed that Donghae is better at speaking in Chinese; Kyuhyun is more familiar with ; whereas I am better at speaking business “language” whereas with each recording, Ryeowook has realized that his pronounciation has come naturally; ZhouMi can speak Cantonese more fluently. Eunhyuk said that at some places, they speak the wrong language! When they were at Italy, they thank the waiter in Chinese and accidentally spoke Japanese in China. Lastly, SJ-M said that to bring themselves and their fans closer together, they will participate in various shows and activites. This time, Donghae said that, when you join activities and concerts, you have to buy tickets and queue, come and find me in my dreams tonight! No need to buy tickets, no need to queue, come in to my dreams and call me. Thank you and good night everybody! SJ-M even said that during their fifth album, maybe they will hold similar activities to gather their fans like this..

Translation for page 13 : –

Siwon and Donghae to act in Taiwanese Drama. Both to stay in Taiwan for four months.
Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae confirmed to act in GTV 8’s new drama , for the filming, they would stay in Taiwan for four months. Both of them are very cooperative in terms of their food, clothes, lodging and transportation, their only request is for their accomodation location to be kept a secret and for them to have privacy in their lodgings, which need not be a hotel. The best choice is that their lodging building to have a facility whereby the swiping of cards is needed to activate the lifts to bring them to their rooms. Both of them have high expectations of their works, but are easy going towards arrangements of their lives, there are no special requests for 5-star hotels or extra security. This resulted in GTV 8’s vice president to say that even though there are some Taiwanese artists that have smaller overseas market compared to Korean artists but they have higher demands. is a remake of a Japanese manga . Actually the fliming was supposed to begin two years ago but due to some circumstances it has been pushed back till now with a finalized cast members of Choi Siwon, Lee Donghae, Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai. Director Niu Cheng Ze who was supposed to have directed the drama, now becomes the producer while Feng Jia Rui will take over the director’s seat.

Scanned + Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com
Translated by: Germaine @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

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[110325/SCAN+TRANS] Chinese EPOP Magazine Issue 303 | 3P

31 Mar

Date : 19/3/11 Time : 6:05pm
Venue : Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil
Activity : Super Show 3 Live In Malaysia
Photo taking and interview by : 小白/Engko/玉容/Jess

Sapphire Blue Sea finally appeared in Super Show 3 Malaysia!

Liberating Super Junior interacted and played with fans!

Leeteuk、Siwon : I Love Malaysia!

Song List:
Sorry Sorry – Super Junior
Super Girl – Super Junior
Don’t Don – Super Junior + Henry + Zhoumi + Jungmo
No Other – Super Junior
Confession – Super Junior
Good Person – Super Junior
Rokkugo!! – Super Junior-T
One Fine Spring Day (Bomnal) – Ryeowook + Sungmin (guitar)
New Endless Love – Kyuhyun
I wanna Love You – Donghae + Eunhyuk
Kiss Goodbye – Leeteuk
Looking for the Day – Siwon
Baby – Henry
If Your Leave – Sungmin
Intro + Down – Eunhyuk
Tok Tok Tok – Super Junior T + Donghae
You and I – Super Junior
Song For You – Super Junior
Miss Chic – Zhoumi
Shake It Up – Super Junior
Twins – Super Junior
Hate U Love U – Super Junior
In My Dream – KRY + Donghae + Sungmin
Rinaldo – Super Junior
All My Heart – Super Junior
It Has to be You – Yesung
Perfection – Super Junior M
Bonamana – Super Junior
A Man In Love – Super Junior
U – Super Junior
Dancing Out – Super Junior
Cooking? Coking! – Super Junior
Way For Love – Super Junior
Wonder Boy – Super Junior

Text in circle :

Even thought the concert was scheduled to start at 6pm on that day, there were many groups of fans waiting outside Putra Stadium already before 3pm! There were many booths selling official fan good, unofficial fan goods were sold as well, everyone bought them, and to show them some support at the same time~~

Outside the stadium, quite a lot of ELF promoted their “project!” : such as Kyuhyun’s Bubble Project, Super Junior-T Tok Tok Tok Project, and of course the most important one “Only Blue, No Colourful” plan! Everyone followed the rule well, no matter official light sticks or unofficial ones, fans all brought blue light sticks!

Text at the bottom :

Concert started at exactly 6.05pm, Super Junior members came out one after another. First, it was Donghae who hung on wire for the intro! When the round-shaped screens rose up, all we could see were members kneeling down on the stage, the song ‘Sorry Sorry’ remix version started after that! When they’ve sang half of the song, the members started heading to their “position”, then went back to the main stage to perform in group. Later, they performed ‘Super Girl’, Henry and Zhoumi joined too!

When singing ‘Don’t Don’, Heechul, as the drummer, appeared in the middle of the rotating stage; Zhoumi handled the Rap, Henry played violion, and special guest – Jungmo from TRAX was on his electronic guitar. Donghae and Sungmin then hung on wire, flew up with fireworks in their hands, very handsome! When the song ends, there were stage blasting effect, making the whole stage filled with passionate!

A few VCR were shown in that night’s concert, the first one was Leeteuk blowing sapphire blue balloon, with a little kid on bench beside him. Fans of course predicted the next song right, its ‘No Other’! SJ started to play on the stage, the project in the middle of the stage showed scenes of playgrounds, adding with a few rainbow-like animation! Members were moving around that time, singing to ELF from 3 areas, and everyone must have seen the scene of magnificent “pink“***! They gathered at the middle of the stage at the end, the stage started to rotate. Leeteuk and Sungmin flew up while holding balloons, they started to throw blue confetti, the stadium was filled with blue confetti in a blink of an eye, as a “blue snow” just fall from the sky!

NOTE : “pink” – close contacts between members, or fanmade couples

Texts in first box :

After that, a video of Super Show 3 Kuala Lumpur was played, with introduction in English, Chinese and Japanese. This mean the members’ ment introduction section is coming up next! When Heechul appeared, ELF shouted “Wu yu bi ka Kim Heechul, Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul!” (Milky white skin Kim Heechul, I love you Kim Heechul) He playfully answered “I love to play in Malaysia. Kiss me baby!” Siwon who was wearing matador outfit came out next, he was totally handsome! Each members introduced themselves in different funny outfits one by one, and our leader Leeteuk greeted “Apa khabar Malaysia!” (Malaysia, how are you!) while smiling, he even repeated the sentence thrice. Super Junior also said its been long they last came to Malaysia, finally they are here now on stage! “Thanks to everyone who gave us the biggest welcome and support, we prepared a great show for tonight, so please enjoy our performances!”

When performing the song “Confession”, members started to run around the stage and played with each other! Eunhyuk and Leeteuk who were wearing large black coat, started to squat up and down, then played the “outstretching neck” moves, Ryeowook too joined them! Member Siwon who superb love hugs went to hug Eunhyuk, and shook hands with ELF. No doubt he is another SJ’s diplomatist~ Fan service that night were awesome, Donghae ran to the side of the stage, used an ELF’s camera phone and took selca with her! Sungmin even took an ELF video camera and recorded a short Leeteuk’s cute dance, then handed the camera back to the ELF. When Yesung was singing in the middle of the stage, naughty Donghae used his microphone to poke his eyes which made Yesung almost went out of tune. The atmosphere got livelier during the song “Rokkugo”, Donghae’s body lied on the stage and Heechul joined the song once again! Leeteuk, Sungmin, Eunhyuk lied on the stage in a row, singing to lucky ELF! Shindong then lied on the three of them, Heechul lied on top of the members horizontally at last~

Text in second box :

When it reached SJ members’ solo stages, the screen begin to play Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Yesung’s childhood VCR. Ryeowook and Sungmin slowly rose up from the stage first, Ryeowook performed “One Fine Spring Day” with Sungmin playing the guitar. His pretty voice made the stadium filled with silence instantly. Followed by the song performance “New Endless Love” by Kyuhyun which almost everyone knows how to sing, his proper Chinese pronunciation and strength-full voice made ELF clapped with their hands almost becoming worn-out! Next is up with superb dancers Eunhyuk and Donghae’s appearing on stage, they danced sexy dance with a female dancer! Eunhyuk first came out, and danced closely with the female dancer, the girl even touched Eunhyuk’s thigh and lastly an unreal “stayed kiss”, ELF of course screamed~ Donghae then came out, he too had a sexy dance with female dancer. Both Eunhyuk and Donghae started to walk to the rotating stage, female dancer rose up from the stage, Eunhyuk took of his jacket at the same time!

The solo that caught most attention was Leeteuk’s “Kiss Goodbye”, super appropriate Chinese pronunciation shocked every ELF! ELF chanted “Park Jungsoo” to show support to him. He made a flying kiss to the audiences when he ended his song. Kind hearted Choi Siwon performed “Looking For The Day”, the stage was illusion-ally filled with feeling of red color***, screen showed children from all around the world, it was really touching! He said “God love you all, Love Malaysia! Always be with us! Thank you so much Malaysia!” at last.

NOTE: red color – love

Text in the bottom circle :

SJ-M’s “maknae”, Henry, lighted up on stage with piano performance, he played a bit ballad version of Justin Bieber’s Baby. Then stopped and smiled at ELF, dancers started to appear from both sides of the stage, helped Henry to wear a red baseball jacket and started to perform brisk version of “Baby”. Cute and handsome Henry walked to the rotating stage and showed off his dancing skill, then descent from the stage! Afterwards, it was Sungmin’s solo stage. He was wearing a translucent silk top, danced while having body contacts with female dancers, Sungmin sexily moved his body, showed a perfect S-line. Fans who were there screamed crazily! A dancer wearing a mask was brought up on stage next, he danced forceful choregraphy, ELF were chanting “Lee Hyukjae! (Eunhyuk)! Then, with a black shades, he appeared on stage danced and sang “Down”, he is undoubtedly SJ’s dancing machinese, Eunhyuk!

The screen continued to show VCR with SJ-T and Siwon, it was a story about the formation of SJ-T! When VCR ended, SJ-T members wore shiny outfits and sang “Tok Tok Tok” on stage, it brings out a retro FU***! Love SJ members playing on stage the best! From the beginning of the song, Leeteuk held his microphone up side down, pretending that he was recording a song, he sang until he knelt down at last, then the other members held their microphones against Leeteuk’s lip, Heechul placed his microphone near Leeteuk’s throat! SJ-T knelt down to than everyone when the song ended, Heechul even hit Leeteuk’s butt for countless times~

NOTE : FU – feel/feeling

Text in the first box :

Next is Zhoumi’s turn to perform his solo stage, he appeared at the middle of the stage, performed Elva Xiao’s “Miss Chic”, his flirtatious dance movements were good, ELF supported him by shouting “Zhoumi! Zhoumi!” A VCR shown up again, with 5 handsome SJ members Leeteuk, Yesung, Sungmin, Shindong and Donghae fighting like gangland action scenes. The concert continued with SJ performance “Shake It Up” ; Heechul appaeared again during the song “Twins (Knock Out)” and rapped handsomely! Again, SJ provided 100% fan service during the song “Way To You”***, they ran around the stage while passing little balls to ELF.

The screen was showing a girl who was in illness, staring at a goldfish in a fishbowl, seemed like she wanted to see ocean? Lovely SJ used projector making the little girl’s room into a sea of ocean, giving her a chance to wander around the “ocean”! SJ continued to sing some ballad songs, like “Hate You Love You” and KRY’s “In My Dream”. Until the most touching part of the concert, SJ started to played invisible instruments, some played violin and cello, blew trumpets, flute and more with Kangin appearing on the projector! Confetti in heart shape started to fall down~ everybody were crazily screaming, some ELF shaded tears! Lastly, Kangin took off his hat and gave a salute to ELF, the scene was very saddening~ Another VCR showed SJ at home doing their own things freely, the song played in the VCR was specially written by “Sorry, Sorry” lyricist Yoo Young Jin! Heart-moving sentences appeared at the end : What I have all now, is all because of you — E.L.F, thank you!”

NOTE : Way To You – Song For Love

Text in first circle :

Yesung performed Cinderella OST “It Had To Be You”, everyone are very familiar with this popular song, and sang along together! After Yesung’s solo, the atmosphere totally changed, SJ-M performed their new song “Perfection”, they performed this song first time in Malaysia! During encore, members started to run around the stage again, all we can see is close interactions between SJ and ELF, picking up gifts, taking selca, shaking hands. Heechul got really near with ELF, and let them touch his face! Last VCR showed cartooned vegetables, this mean that “Vegetable SJ” are going to show up soon with the song “Cooking? Cooking!” A group of vegetables played on the stage, evil Kyuhyun even kicked Eunhyuk for times!

Text in bottom circle :

When the concert was almost ending, SJ spoke out their thoughts. Leeteuk didn’t stop making heart sign above his head, and said “I Love Malaysia! Thank you for your support and love, we are preparing 5jib!” Talking about Twitter, Henry excitedly revealed 70% of his tweet mentions were from Malaysia ELF, he is very happy about it! Donghae and Henry said that they will tweet in Twitter later on~ Siwon used English language calling everyone to pray for Japan’s eartquake victims, and donate to them, lend them a hand to get over these hard times. Super Show 3 Malaysia ended with a happy mood~

Scanned + Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com
Translated by: Elly @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

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[110323/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 1 TWT

23 Mar

@ryeong9: 저희는 지금 홍콩입니다~이번 겨울은 감기 없이 잘 지나갔다~했는데 흑흑ㅠ 걸리고야 말았네요ㅜ 당분간 슈퍼쇼콘서트가 없어서..다행이지만^^ 모두 감기조심하세요♥ 그리고~늦었지만 말레이시아 슈퍼쇼3 와주신 E.L.F. 감사합니다>∇<
[TRANS] Now we are in Hong Kong~ This winter I gone well without catching cold~ butㅠ finally I catch it ㅜ it is luck that dont have any Super Show concert for a while..I’m happy but ^^ everyone please be careful not to catch cold..♥ and I`m late but thank you to ELFs who came to Malaysia Super Show 3 concert.

Translated by: Hyein @ iRyeowookELf.wordpress.com

.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.

[110321/NEWS] SS3 Malaysia: Super Junior Playing Crazily

21 Mar

Super Junior, who is youthful, loves playing crazily, and performs seriously, returns to Malaysia once again after a year to stir things up. Last year, the best selling point was their muscles, and this year, they’ve added in even more ingredients; there are flying men, flying kisses, flying balls, “sweaty shirts”, powerful dance performances, surprises, allowing you to touch their faces and hands and more. They’ve cooked up a super buffet for fans this time, no matter the taste or style, the fans were able to see until they were full, until their eyes hurt, and shout “order” until their voices cracked!

The Super Show 3, which once again brings into play powerful special effects, was full of glamour, and used special stage effects, hot dances, funny costumes and VCRs to dominate the fans’ attentions. The 10 members of SJ and also special guests from SJ-M, Henry and Zhou Mi showed off their powerful dances, and the fans also screamed with all their might.
During this sold-out concert which lasted around 3 hours, it seemed as though you could not hear any form of applause in the venue, because everyone were seriously busy, having to raise fansigns, create a blue sea (the whole venue was lighted up by blue lightsticks, SJ’s representative colour), or waving to their idols, so everyone could only use their voices which were on the verge of cracking due to the excessive screaming in order to show their support.
During the concert, aside from showing off the powerful dance numbers which they are the best in, they even slotted in ‘tear-inducing’ and expressive segments, causing the fans to shout that: “This is really too unforgettable!”
Why was it tear-inducing? The reason is because Kangin finally ‘made an appearance’! Even though Kangin had (temporarily) left the group and enlisted into the army, his SJ spirit still remains in everyone’s hearts. Appearing on the large screen, Kangin wore a hat, and under the projection which was created using special effects and also the lights, it allowed everyone to see him playing musical instruments together with the other members, and when added the effects of emotional music, it caused all of the fans who missed him to be teary-eyed.
This time’s concert could be divided into three sections, which are the dynamic white performance during the opening of the show, the individual expressiveness and charm show in the middle, and the enticing black lure during the ending, alongside the funny “costumes”. The SJ members walked through the entire venue thoroughly and entertained them well, and would occasionally hug the presents which were thrown onto the stage by fans before throwing it back into the crowd. Because of the hug, the pricetag of these presents immediately flew sky high, especially the sweat-soaked t-shirt worn by Leeteuk for several songs, which was thrown into the crowd right?!
The fans who sat at the “handshaking seats” (terrace) had even more benefits, because apart from being able to shake the hands of the members, Donghae, whom really loves to take photos, took their camera to do a selca and to do a group shot with the fans. Heechul, Sungmin, Kyuhyun and Leeteuk were also the same, causing the fans to be overjoyed.
Super cool stage lighting
The three-sided stage of SS3 can seriously be described as super cool!
There were huge LED screens put up on either side of the stage in order to project the live recordings of the show, thoroughly taking care of the fans who were seated at the upper tiers. As for the center of the stage, it could be said that it was full of machinery-use; following the entrances which were used to pop out everywhere during last year’s SS2, the middle portion of the stage had an added two round-shaped LED screen, together with one large and one small rotating portion, allowing them to sing while spinning around. Also, the part allowed ‘someone to fly out’ as well!
The stage for this time’s SS3, which was organized by Running Into The Sun (RITS), was designed in accordance with the rest of the tours. This year’s biggest surprise is that there were flying men for everyone to see. During the opening show, Donghae flew three-stories high alone, and he who was completely dressed in white appeared looking like an angel, causing the fans to want to worship them like a god!
Aside from that, while singing “No Other”, Leeteuk and Sungmin also became flying angels. The both of them had blue balloons tied onto them, and they sprinkled shredded paper around, pushing the fans’ emotions to the top, leading them into another high.
Distributing balls around the venue, causing madness
Super Junior, who has a youthful vigor, plenty of energy, hilarious, and humorous, chaotically played on the stage, causing the fans below the stage to be dazzled while watching!
SJ, who loves to play and joke around, can also play seriously aside from singing and dancing seriously during the concert. Taking a basket around the venue to distribute balls, causing even Kyuhyun, who is unusually playful and sneaky, started putting his autograph on the balls and gave away kisses. The fans that caught these balls would probably bring them home and put them in a frame, wouldn’t they?
In addition, the very playful Sungmin and Donghae stood in the middle of the stage, where one of them threw the balls while the other hit them with a stick to give the balls to the fans. This ball-distributing segment practically made the fans chase every single action with their eyes, all in fear of missing something out.
Towards the end of the show, they even took the stage in vegetable costumes, and the most eye-catching one would be the ultimate ‘beansprout costume’ worn by Donghae. Aside from that, every single portion of the stage that was walked past by the members would have a trail of presents, which were thrown onto the stage by fans, causing the stage to be in a huge mess.
At the end of the concert, Siwon even made an appeal to the fans in English, hoping that everyone would pray together for the sake of the victims of the Japanese earthquake, and also to lend a helping hand in order to help them get over their difficult times. So the fans should save the money spent on presents, and help perform charity work instead!
Source: China Press
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com
.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.

[110320/INFO] Super Junior M Flight Info (To Hongkong)

21 Mar

Ryeowook and all members (exclude Siwon and Zhoumi)
Plane: CX417
Depart: 10:15 AM ICN
Arrive: 13:15PM HKG

Via: Elaine_0902 @ Twitter
Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

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[110321/NEWS] 10000 fans brave the rain to give their support, SJ who’s close to the people kept on captivating attention

21 Mar

South Korean heavenly group Super Junior (abbreviated as SJ) brought the rain with them; during their three-hour concert they stayed true to their “audience-first” motto, and kept on giving off flying kisses to the fans, tirelessly showing a heart sign, throwing presents and more, putting out their best skills to interact with their fans. Aside from continuously saying “I love you”, they even did as the Romans do, learning the Malay word “Apa khabar!* I love Malaysia” to shock close to ten thousand fans!

There are more and more people who are getting injured in this time’s concert. Earlier, during the Taiwan leg of the tour, Heechul sustained an injury on the left side of his face, Shindong tore a ligament in his left foot, and special guest TRAX member Jungmo twisted his foot, but all of these were not able to stop them from exuding their superb charms on stage this time. With a total of 12 people, SJ members – Leeteuk, Shindong, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae and Ryeowook, and also SJ-M’s Zhou Mi and Henry were all complete during the Malaysia stop of the concert, and during the three hours, they kept sending off captivating glances at the fans all around the venue!
Siwon and Kyuhyun were the most polite, as whenever they approach the audience they would give off a “heart pose” and shake their hands with fans; Yesung would act cute from time to time; leader Leeteuk, on the other hand, kept on bowing to the fans, and Eunhyuk’s ultimate move was when he was giving out the balls to the fans. He would kiss the ball before distributing it to the fans, causing the fans to scramble for the objects and engage in a huge “snatching battle”! Aside from that, Donghae was being congenial, even taking the fans’ cameras and took a selca of himself.
Heechul cancels impersonation of Lady HeeHee
Heechul, whom still had a scar on his face, also cancelled his “Lady HeeHee” performance segment in addition to wearing a pair of sunglasses and a face mask to cover up his injury; aside from that, it also seemed as though Shindong’s foot injury hasn’t completely healed up yet, and he looked extra careful while dancing. However, he was still as playful as ever, and kept on playing with the presents that the fans threw on stage; aside from that, Donghae was hit in the head by a towel that was thrown at him by a fan, and he even pretended to be hurt to tease the fans. However, after a round of “throwing” battle at one another, the presents and confetti caused the stage to be in a mess everywhere.
On that night, aside from dancing and singing, the SJ members even played pranks on each other while on stage. In addition to doing all sorts of provocation and pretending to be arguing with each other, the members also pushed another member over and pretended to ‘step’ on him. Kyuhyun was the most overboard one, because even though Eunhyuk fell to the ground and couldn’t get up while being in his “mushroom” costume, he didn’t even bother pulling him up.
Appeal to fans to pray for the disaster victims in Japan
During the members’ solo segments, following Ryeowook who sang “One Fine Spring Day”, Kyuhyun also performed the song “New Endless Love”, and their accurate Chinese pronunciations evoked the passionate cheers from all of the fans in the venue. Aside from that, Donghae and Eunhyuk had a sexy intimate dance with a female dancer; in addition to Eunhyuk having his behind touched by the dancer, Donghae even danced in front of the female dancer’s chest, causing the fans to scream in protest! Before the end of the concert, Siwon also told the fans that “Everyone knows about the earthquake in Japan right? Let us all pray for Japan.”
The labelling of SJ as the ‘rain gods’ was definitely not in vain, because on the day of the concert, heavy rain fell at the concert venue before the opening, but it still attracted up to ten thousand fans to show their support. After the concert had ended, SJ immediately rushed to the airport, and took the 12.05am flight back to South Korea.
* ‘Apa khabar’ = how are you
Source: Nanyang
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com
.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.


[110321/NEWS] Spectacular blue sea: SJ Heechul causes a stir with appearance, Article on SS3 Malaysia

21 Mar

Super Junior came to hold their concert again in Malaysia after the span of a year, and the 田-shaped stage which had received an upgrade allowed the fans to be at a closer distance with their idols; the passionate fans used the blue lightsticks in their hand, and covered the entire concert venue in a sea of sapphire blue, making the venue look grand. Even though the time where Heechul, who performed with an injury, would make an appearance on stage while wearing a mask throughout the entire concert, the fans would all scream their lungs out whenever he takes the stage; Kangin, whom enlisted into the army in July 2010 after being involved in a DUI incident, ‘returned’ to the group via a VCR instead, and ‘performed the violin’ along with the other 10 members. When the fans saw the ‘appearance’ of Kangin after a long time, they immediately screamed emotionally. No matter the audio-visual effects or the atmosphere, throughout the 180-minute “Super Show 3”, there was never a moment where the high-pitched, passionate screams would stop, and absolutely not a moment of silence!

“Super Show 3”, which was finally held in Malaysia, had the exact same performance content as the show in Taipei. Heechul, whose face was injured, did not impersonate Lady Gaga as expected, and show off the flirtatious dance that was anticipated by everyone. Wearing a face mask, the number of times he would appear on stage was very minuscule. During the opening, Donghae descended from the sky, and (Heechul) performed “Sorry Sorry” and “Super Girl” with the rest of the members decked in handsome white outfits. Later on, while performing “Don’t Don”, he transformed into a drummer, and stood on the elevated round stage in the center along with Henry, Zhou Mi and Jungmo, causing everyone to scream loudly for him once again. The entire venue would be drowned in deafening screams whenever he appears, and the sound waves would reach the highest decibel. It’s not an exaggeration if one would say that Heechul was the member who stood under the spotlight the most throughout the entire concert.

Eunhyuk has an early birthday celebration

While the concert was submerged in a joyful atmosphere, Siwon, whom is perceived as ‘the man with lots of love’ did not forget to make an appeal to all the fans, asking them lend a helping hand to the victims of the earthquake in Japan, and pray for the casualties of the incident. (Aside from that,) everyone also held an early celebration for Eunhyuk, whose birthday falls on April 4th, singing “Happy Birthday” at the top of their voices. Eunhyuk also posed with Henry, Donghae and Yesung*, showing a thumbs up to all the audience, thanking everyone for their passionate support for SJ.

Kyuhyun’s surprise attack, Eunhyuk was kicked

SJ, whom turned the entire stage into a huge playground, had lots of fun on stage and went crazy. They would occasionally hug one another, and would take selcas with the fans’ cameras at other times. **(While singing happily, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook slept on the stage, and was then joined by Leeteuk. Without warning, Sungmin threw himself onto the other three’s backs, and Shindong who wasn’t very light joined in later on, causing the audience to shout loudly.) The hilarious scenes of them goofing around brought an immense amount of laughter to the fans beneath the stage. Towards the end of the concert, the members appeared in vegetable costumes, and played with even less restriction. Kyuhyun made a surprise attack on Eunhyuk from behind, and kicked him to the ground. Eunhyuk, who donned a heavy vegetable costume, lost his balance and couldn’t push himself up at all. Kyuhyun stepped on him for several more times before helping him up. On the other hand, Leeteuk walked out on stage with a high ponytail on the top of his head, performing “Tok Tok Tok” which is very interesting alongside the other members, causing the boiling atmosphere to heat up even more. While performing “Way For You”, the members held a huge basket each, and distributed colourful balls to the fans all over the venue, and chaos ensued when the fans started snatching for the balls.

Added solo performances, showing off individual talents

Apart from the group performances, SJ also added solo performances during this time’s concert, and each ofthe members had their own solo or duet segments. First of all, Leeteuk performed Wang Lee Hom’s “Kiss Goodbye” while playing the piano, and later on Siwon sang the song “Looking For The Day” with deep feelings. One of SJ-M’s members Henry also performed Justin Bieber’s popular song “Baby Baby” in a quiescent piano and dynamic dance performance, leading the venue into another high. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun also followed in Leeteuk’s footsteps and showed off their Chinese language mastery, performing “One Fine Spring Day” and “New Endless Love” respectively. Another of SJ-M’s Chinese member Zhou Mi danced and sang to Elva Hsiao’s “Miss Chic”. Aside from playing the guitar as an accompaniment to Ryeowook earlier, Sungmin had a sexy dance performance with the female dancers. In addition, Eunhyuk (and Donghae) also performed a sexy dance number with a female dancer, and Yesung had a solo performance of “It Has To Be You”. Everyone having a “solo show” also became one of the focal points of the concert this time. When Yesung reached the chorus of his song, the fans beneath the stage all sang it with him at the top of their voices, causing him to be extremely touched.

* In the original article, the reporter wrote Kyuhyun instead of Yesung. I believe that the reporter mixed up between the members.
** The entire portion contained within the red brackets is wrong. I presume that the reporter was talking about what they were doing during ‘Rokkugo’, because that’s the only moment where the ‘abuse’ occurred. Sungmin and Leeteuk were the ones who laid on their backs first, before being joined in by Eunhyuk. Shindong later heaved himself on the three of them, before Heechul placed himself on the top of the pile.

Source: Sinchew-i
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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[110319/PIC] Ryeowook at SS3 Malaysia Part 5 | 10P

21 Mar

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[110319/PIC] Ryeowook at SS3 Malaysia Part 4 | 10P

21 Mar

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