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[INFO] Another prediction from K-ELF

11 Dec

There are another guesses between Korean ELFs

which is “SM Entertainment told to GDA, SNSD sold more Albums than Super Junior to SNSD to be more popular in Japan…

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[INFO] How to watch Bravely Going Forward

11 Dec

2.The side of the player click [国内卫视] ,then [湖南卫视] .
3.Wait for it to load.

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[101210/fancams] Ryeowook at Golden Wave || 10 fancams

11 Dec

Sorry Sorry [YesungCenter/4.19] [uketsu5/3.23] [Yesung Melody/9.02/ + Take photo]

Bonamana [uketsu5/1.45] [YesungCenter/4.25]

No Other [2pinkninja/0.47]

One Love
– [sherzzz/3.33] [YesungCenter/3.48]

Ment [2pinkninja/1.27] [2pinkninja/1.09]

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11 Dec

This is from an K-ELF~ read the whole story guys~

Hello you guys,
before i write what i wanted to talk to you guys, i am a Korean E.L.F. and i want to say to you guys about this Golden Disk Awards was unfair to Super Junior.

First, Super Junior’s the total Album sold amounts were the highest even more than SNSD. Also, the Golden Disk add SNSD’s the total of many album sold amounts in this year, but they did not add Super Junior’s other albums. Before started this Awards, they said “We will account only the Albums which was sold highest amounts. But they account SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ album and another mini album’s amounts.

Second, for the ‘인기상’ which means the ‘popular awards’. Before they started awards, they said ‘There is no judges to judge who are gonna take this awards, therefore please vote for this award by your cellphone” and Sooooooooo lots of Korean E.L.F.s voted for this awards even if we voted for this, we should to pay for the money per the the number of times we voted. For this Awards, SHINee got 36.5% (1st place) and Super Junior got ‘31.4%’ !!!! we were the second place for this awards!! therefore we could get this awards but Golden Disk gave this award to SHinee and SNSD!! (SNSD got 15.4% for this vote…. then why SNSD got the popular awrds? also this is one of unfair treatment to Super JUnior!)

Third, for the another award ‘음원상’ (sorry, i cannot explain it,… it is like a how many times people bought this song…) YeSung was the one of a strong candidate for this award. he got 44.4% for the vote and Lee Seung Gi (who was on the second place on the vote. -43.9%- remember, this award has judges.. this award doesnt give a prize only by the vote!) Also, for another charts from the Korean Music Site. YeSung was higher than Lee Seung Gi on all of the charts and Sites. but YeSung could not get this award (But Lee Seung Gi and another singers got it).

Finally, one of the conclusive evidence is, just before to present who get the Grand Prize, the manager of Super Junior came to them and whispered something to LeeTeuk and he told to all of members and after they heard that from LeeTeuk, their faces became harden. and one member hold out his hand and another members hold their hands either. (cause probably they were so sad. i upload the picture for this.)
Also, after GoldenDisk presented SNSD got the Grand Prize, Another singers came to the SJ and hugged them. (not to the SNSD.. isn’t that weird?) And LeeTeuk was crying.

WHY? he is a person who really likes SNSD and he is not a person who is crying because he could not get a prize!!!!!

After the Golden Disk end. All of korean E.L.F. crying and said ‘SORRY’ to Super Junior and SJ comforted us and when the left from that place, they said ‘SORRY’ to E.L.F. They are a really truth people and people who really loves their fans unlike other singers (i mean of course other singers loves their fans but SJ are more than them)

THX for read all of this.
Just i wanted to truth to other foreign E.L.F. who really love Super Junior.
Please cheering for them!! Super Junior Fighting!!! you guys are the 1st place for all of E.L.F.!!!!

NO… I did not mean that was SNSD’s fault 😦
actually i do not like SNSD very much.. (but i do not hate them!) but that was not their fault!

i wish you guys stop to become AFS :(.. i was so sad to hear when you guys became AFS after GDA.

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[101211/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter update | 1 tweet

11 Dec

@ryeong9 우리 선미콩 보내기 싫다~~~ 사랑해~~~~^^
[TRANS] Doesnt want to separate with our helper ~~~ I love you~~~~^^

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